RJC-NPA Bicol pledges support for CPP’s unilateral ceasefire, tightens efforts to help masses to overcome COVID-19 — NPA-Bicol

Raymundo Buenfuerza | Spokesperson | Bicol Regional Operational Command (Romulo Jallores Command) | New People's Army
March 25, 2020


Romulo Jallores Command (RJC-NPA Bicol) will strongly abide with the unilateral ceasefire declared by the CPP. This will begin tomorrow, March 26, and will end on April 15.

The Red army will not launch any tactical offensive during the period of the ceasefire. Nonetheless, the NPA will maintain its active defense posture in order to protect itself and the masses from any traitorous attacks of the AFP, PNP and CAFGU. The merciless military and police will surely take advantage of the people’s panic and anxiety in order to intensify its military operations in the countryside and other fascist attacks in the cities.

RJC-NPA Bikol calls on all its unit commands in the provinces to continue helping the masses in overcoming the crisis caused by COVID-19. Coordinate with the revolutionary committees in the countryside in order to assist in their initiatives and plans to face the spreading pandemic.

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