Oppose economic dictatorial powers for Duterte

Marco Valbuena | Chief Information Officer | Communist Party of the Philippines
October 16, 2020
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The Party denounces the railroading of House Bill 7884 that grants Duterte economic dictatorial powers under the guise of cutting red tape. The early morning approval on 2nd reading follows similar railroading of counterpart bill in Senate.

If enacted into law, Duterte can override all existing processes and regulations that govern business permits and licenses. He will be empowered to kick out any government official who opposes his acts.

Duterte’s economic dictatorial powers will intensify corruption and centralize it at one single point: Malacañang. This will worsen cronyism and strengthen the power of the Duterte oligarchy. Entry of Duterte’s favored China-funded infrastructure projects will be accelerated in complete disregard of the economic burden and the environment.

Combined with the use of military and police, this will further cement Duterte’s tyrannical regime. Workers, peasants and the rest of the Filipino people must unite, oppose and put an end to Duterte’s economic-political dictatorship.

Oppose economic dictatorial powers for Duterte