On hamletting and force surrender in Ulayanon, Bukidnon

Malem Mabini | Spokesperson | North Central Mindanao Regional Operational Command | New People's Army
October 12, 2020
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The Armed Forces of the Philippines will definitely parade once again new “NPA surenderees” in Sityo Ulayanon, Brgy. Calabugao, Impasug-ong, Bukidnon. This is AFP’s putrid dirty tactics and, surely, it will only be the mercenary soldiers who’ll dance with this old rhythm.

On October 11, 2020, the AFP, with the member agencies of the NTF-ELCAC, gathered the civilians in Sityo Ulayanon forcing them to surrender. The AFP even brought with them some fake lumad leaders from the National Commission for Indigenous People and launched a “tampuda” (a traditional peace pact) to accordingly end “armed conflict” in the community.

Previously, on August 2020, synchronous with the approval and implementation of Anti-Terror Law, troops of the 8th IB arrested with no warrant 16 civilians of the said community and brought them to the Battalion Headquarter in Impasug-ong, Bukidnon. The AFP held them in the camp for at least a week and forced them to surrender as members of NPA.

Since March 2018, the AFP already reported several hundreds of “NPA surrenderees” from Sitio Ulayanon and nearby communities. If aggregated, it will appear that there were already thousands of NPA that surrendered in Brgy. Calabugao. This is bemusing because it is beyond our knowledge that Calabugao has that stronghold of NPA!

Now, who does the AFP want to fool?

The residents of Sitio Ulayanon will not be fooled since the recent incident only shows how suppressive and dirty-handed the “community integration program” is. The AFP had already forced everyone from Ulayanon to surrender, and they want them to yield again? It is also known to the residents that the “grants” promised by the reactionary government will only obscure their basic land and livelihood problem.

The lumad residents will not be fooled by the AFP’s bogus “tampuda”. The said peace pact had been organized by the AFP with the lumad residents in several communities yet it was proven that it only caused disunity among the lumad people. The said tampuda destroys the militancy of the lumad people for it aims to qualify the accord of the residents for their ancestral land as a cause of “armed conflict” in the community. This is clearly an affront to the sacred lumad culture.

The public as well will not be fooled by the AFP because, firstly, their dirty-handed techniques and false information about “NPA surrenderees” have long been exposed. It’s only Duterte, his cronies and the AFP who’s fascinated by their own fake news. Secondly, if they were able to weaken the armed revolution, why launch focused military operations (FMO) and waste millions of people’s money for militarization? And, lastly, amid the numbers of “NPA surrenderees” they paraded to the public, the NPA continues to launch offensive actions against the AFP. The reactionary government wants to show that they crushed the NPA yet this is in contrary to the political and military victory of the people’s armed resistance nowadays.

It is Duterte and the AFP who’s fooled by themselves by trying to boast that they are in a stable position and that the revolutionary forces declined. Even so, their FMOs, gruesome military rampage, hamletting of civilian communities, outright dishonesty and grave suppression of the people’s basic rights prove Duterte’s desperation that he is still to pursue his anti-revolutionary ambition for his remaining two years in power.

To the residents of Sitio Ulayanon and other people in North Central Mindanao Region who were forced by the AFP to surrender, we never put the blame on you because we know the hardships you were enduring in the hands of the butcher AFP everytime they hamlet you in your community. Let the enemy grab your body, but never your principle. You should never be cowed for you still have the strength in your unity.

In the face of this regime’s aggravating terrorism, morr people will surely turn to the NPA in order to defend themselves. There’s nothing left for the oppressed and exploited but the will to take up arms to combat Duterte’s dirty war. Duterte’s only achievement in his office is recruiting more NPA that will end his terrorism, corruption and tyranny.

On hamletting and force surrender in Ulayanon, Bukidnon