NPA predicts AFP and Dagoy bound to lose in Leyte

Karlos Manuel | Spokesperson | Eastern Visayas Regional Operational Command (Efren Martires Command) | New People's Army
September 16, 2019
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The Efren Martires Command (New People’s Army-Eastern Visayas) today said it is the Armed Forces of the Philippines that is on the losing course and along with Gen. Lope Dagoy will be finished in Leyte in the long run. “The people are increasingly attracted to the NPA in the face of the loathsome mass killings of the poor by the Duterte regime in the name of fighting drugs and ‘insurgency,’” said Ka Karlos Manuel, EMC spokesperson. “The people are gearing up to wage armed and unarmed struggles to hasten the downfall of the tyrannical Duterte and his fascist die-hards like Dagoy.”

The NPA also accused Gen. Dagoy of using the fake surrenders of civilians not only for propaganda but also for corruption. “The so-called mass surrender of 1,200 people in the third congressional district of Leyte last April is bogus and for show as propaganda. These people were not NPA members but innocent civilians who were tricked or coerced by the military into ‘surrendering’.”

“Moreover, those who surrendered are supposed to receive tens of millions of pesos in benefits under the Enhanced Community Livelihood Integration Program (E-CLIP). But the people themselves inform the NPA most of them received nothing. We thus believe this and other propaganda shows of surrender are also enriching Gen. Dagoy and other high and civilian and military officials through the enhanced corruption of E-CLIP.”

The Efren Martires Command concluded the countryside of Leyte and the rest of the country will be the graveyard of the AFP. “The NPA will grow ever stronger because the Duterte regime is turning into the best recruiter of the NPA due to its fascist tyranny, corruption and puppetry to foreign interests. A massive people’s uprising can overthrow the Duterte regime in the near future. But the NPA can go on further than regime change. It can accumulate strength and launch offensives targeting the worst human rights violators and plunderers to avenge the people. It can persevere in the countryside in carrying out the people’s war until the cities can be won and the reactionary ruling system overthrown. History is thus not on the side of Gen. Dagoy, who will be digging his own grave in Leyte like the rest of the blowhard AFP generals since the Marcos dictatorship.” #

NPA predicts AFP and Dagoy bound to lose in Leyte