Ivy Lyn Corpin serves the interest of the fascist Duterte regime instead of the majority of poor masses

Ivy Lyn Corpin is a deserter and a surenderee, a soldier without honor in the laws of war. She is, as she publicly claims, unsatisfied with the difficult and principled life of the revolutionary New People’s Army. Majority of the Filipino people are poor, therefore their revolutionary army, the NPA is just as poor in material things. Corpin has turned away from a people’s army that does not steal chickens or grains from the poor masses so they can eat. Or pay children in the barrio to fetch them water so they can bathe. She walked away from the people’s army that does not need to intimidate poor farmers or make-up stupid stories to gain the support in public opinion.

Corpin has difficulty being part of a revolutionary army that abides by the practice of democratic priciples in its political work among the masses of poor peasants and indigenous peoples. Unable to engage in healthy democratic debate of many ideas to arrive at a correct decision for the good of the majority of the masses. So she joins the AFP, serving the big foreign businesses, the bourgeoise and landowners who refuse to democratize land ownership. Corpin chose to join a paid army that will intimidate, steal, rape and kill without remorse for the interest of the big businesses and big land owners.

Corpin could not keep to the revolutionary principles required in dealing with romantic relationships. She sought personal gratification without due consideration for the welfare of the NPA unit she belonged. Corpin was bold, and although gifted with sheer courage, she failed to acquire the true mark of a revolutionary army — the readines to accept criticism, self-critical and willing to always improve for the good of the masses. She refused to be selfless. She wants a better life. But only for herself and her family, nevermind the majority of poor Filipinos. Conveniently setting aside the principle of serving the Filipino masses.

She has exchanged the revolutionary national democratic principles for the money to buy a drone toy for her son that will wear-out just like her use to the NTF-ELCAC when she rans out of stories to make-up. It is regretable that Corpin has joined an army of cowards and mercenaries under the Duterte administration that is better in picking on unarmed activists than defending our national territory against China.

Ivy Lyn Corpin serves the interest of the fascist Duterte regime instead of the majority of poor masses