Hold Duterte accountable for death of Baby River—CPP

Information Bureau | Communist Party of the Philippines
October 13, 2020
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The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) today extended its condolences to political detainee Raena Mae (Ina) Nasino and her family for the untimely death of her 3-month old daughter River last Friday after suffering from acute respiratory distress syndrome. Baby River’s health reportedly deteriorated after the regime separated her from her mother and deprived of breastmilk, barely 2 months after she was born.

“Unspeakable is the regime’s gross inhumanity towards mother and child Ina and River Nasino! The three-day furlough for Ina is not only too late, it does little to correct the gross injustice,” said CPP Chief Information Officer Marco L. Valbuena.

Nasino’s lawyers earlier filed a petition for her temporary release after discovering that River was no longer responding to medication and might die soon but to no avail. The baby died without reuniting with her mother.

“The CPP joins the Filipino people in condemning the Duterte regime over the injustice it has done to Ina and River,” said Valbuena. “All those responsible for this cruelty must be made to pay,” he stressed.

“The CPP also joins the Filipino in the mounting clamor for the immediate release of Ina and all political prisoners. It denounces the Duterte regime for slapping Ina, along with two of her companions, with trumped up charges of illegal possession of firearms and explosives to justify their detention.”

Hold Duterte accountable for death of Baby River—CPP