Gen. Gapay is a fascist bigot and Islamophobe

Marco Valbuena | Chief Information Officer | Communist Party of the Philippines
October 18, 2020
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The Communist Party of the Philippines stands in solidarity with the Moro people in denouncing Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) chief Gen. Gilbert Gapay’s allegation that madrasas are being used “to recruit suicide bombers.” Gapay displays fascist bigotry and anti-Muslim chauvinism for baselessly associating Islamic schools with “radicalization” and “terrorism.” This stunning accusation reveals the AFP’s deep-seated religious prejudice against Muslims and the Moro people.

The AFP’s plan to investigate Moro students is utterly discriminatory and incites religious intolerance, hatred and Islamophobia. This program is clearly part of the regime’s continuing campaign of suppression against the Moro people’s struggle for genuine self-determination in order to rob them of their ancestral lands and rich natural resources, similar to what has been done in Marawi.

The anathematizing of the madrasas reminds us how the fascist regime’s baseless accusation against Lumad schools being “training ground for NPA fighters” is being used to attack communities and pave the way for aggression into Lumad ancestral land.

The attack on madrasas is just one facet of the Anti-Terrorism Law which is now being used to suppress religious freedom on the mere basis of suspicion. Without laying down definite proof, the AFP conjured a specter of “suicide bombers” and peddled this in its press releases in order to justify its plan to escalate aggression against Moros.

Gen. Gapay is a fascist bigot and Islamophobe