Efren Martires Command condemns murder of Salvador “Ka Bulig” Nordan

Karlos Manuel | Spokesperson | Eastern Visayas Regional Operational Command (Efren Martires Command) | New People's Army
March 13, 2020
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The Efren Martires Command (New People’s Army-Eastern Visayas) today expressed outrage at the extrajudicial killing by Duterte’s fascist police last March 6 of Salvador Nordan, an NPA leader in Northern Samar who was on leave at the time of his death.

“The NPA-Eastern Visayas believes Salvador Nordan, who was better known as “Ka Bulig” in the NPA, was targeted and summarily executed by the police who had no intention of taking him alive,” said Karlos Manuel, spokesperson of the Efren Martires Command. “Whether NPA combatants or Red-tagged civilians, the outrage of summary executions continue under the fascist Duterte regime. These extralegal killings have been sanctioned since November 2018 as an anti-communist pogrom of the Duterte government called ELCAC or ‘ending the local communist armed conflict.’”

Manuel said the police could only kill Nordan through cowardly and treacherous means. “Ka Bulig was noted for his physical courage and defiance of the enemy. The NPA salutes him for his long contribution to the revolutionary armed struggle in Northern Samar. We condole with his family and friends for their recent loss. We hail his revolutionary family for the martyrdoms it has suffered in the name of advancing the people’s war. Ka Bulig’s son, Taburnoc Nordan, was killed in action last March 28 in the NPA raid on the police station of Victoria, Northern Samar. His wife, Bernadette Lutao, was also murdered by the enemy in February 14, 2017 in Bobon.

“Ka Bulig’s sacrifice will not be forgotten. The revolutionary armed struggle perseveres. Daily, the fascist, corrupt and puppet Duterte regime is becoming increasingly isolated from the people. In the time to come, the NPA’s rising offensives and the people’s protests will topple Duterte into another Ozymandias, a figure of how the mighty has fallen.”#

Efren Martires Command condemns murder of Salvador “Ka Bulig” Nordan