Defang the US-Duterte regime’s fascist terrorism

Raymundo Buenfuerza | Spokesperson | Bicol Regional Operational Command (Romulo Jallores Command) | New People's Army
April 28, 2021
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The Romulo Jallores Command-Bicol orders all units under it to prevent individual members of the NTF and RTF-ELCAC including heads of agencies, organizations and other active “stakeholder” identities in the same level to enter in territories of the People’s Democratic Government in the region. Furthermore, in order to mete out revolutionary justice, suitable tactical offensives and/or just military actions will be launched against legitimate targets—units and personnel of the military, police, paramilitary groups and their spy agents. The primary objective of military actions in line with this is to defang the state’s machinery for fascist terrorism by incurring damage to its mercenary forces, confiscating their military gear and foiling the reign of the state’s fascist terrorism amongst the people and ordinary farmers.

The Democratic People’s Government is within it’s right as a belligerent state to enforce policies for the protection of its citizens and territory. Civilians who were coerced and deceived to avail of the ECLIP can rest easy unless they have been actively serving as intruments of the enemy and have committed crimes against the people. NPA-Bicol will enforce just actions, according to the People’s Court’s thorough investigation and ruling, against individuals of the RTF-ELCAC. All units of the NPA-Bicol, in its enforcement, will strictly respect rights stated in revolutionary government’s Law and Justice.

RJC-Bicol calls on and encourages military and police to turn their backs on the inhumane war against the people of the dictator US-Duterte regime. Whilst high ranking officials bathe on piles of kickback, they endanger the lives of their footmen like pawns. While the leadership of the military junta is drunk with power, low ranking officials and their men are left to face the people’s wrath. RJC-Bicol will continue its offensive posture while bearing in mind the humane treament of those who have lost their capacity to fight and those who will surrender from your ranks even in the middle of a battle.

Defang the US-Duterte regime’s fascist terrorism