Captured persona in Guihulngan not an NPA member; NPA deny allegations of drug use

The Leonardo Panaligan Command of the New People’s Army (LPC-NPA) belie the recent claims of 303rd Brigade Commander Brig. Gen. Inocencio Pasaporte that (1) a certain Robert Estorco, alias Janggo, the captured persona in a joint AFP-PNP operation last September 25, 2021 is a member of the NPA ; and (2) that the NPA use illegal drugs.

Estorco has been disenfranchised from the revolutionary movement since 2019. However, due to the counterrevolutionary war waged by the US-Duterte regime nearing its deadline yet the guerilla fronts still intact, he has been wrongly tagged to be an NPA to garner merits for army and police personnel. The AFP, PNP, and NTF-ELCAC continue to sow terror in Central Negros through enforced surrenders, threats, hamletting, indiscriminate firing, murder, targeting innocent civilians in their frustration to end the people’s war.

Moreover, the NPA strictly adheres to the discipline of non-consumption of alcoholic beverages and illegal drugs. The same cannot be said for the AFP and PNP, though. They themselves are protectors of big-time druglords and are users themselves. Their misnomered ‘community support programs’ strike fear in communities, impacting them negatively, because of their drinking sprees and even the introduction of pornography to townsfolk.

As the US-Duterte regime is desperate to cling to power, it will continue to rely on tyrannical methods to silence the people and malign the NPA. But time and time again, the masses are witness to the atrocities of the ruling class and the genuinity of the people’s army. With the leadership of the Communist Party of the Philippines, the revolution is determined to advance to greater heights to foil the intensified attacks of the enemy. ###

Captured persona in Guihulngan not an NPA member; NPA deny allegations of drug use