Army Lt., enlisted personnel killed in Siaton clash; 2 others wounded

Estrella Banagbanag | Spokesperson | NPA-Southeast Negros (Rachelle Mae Palang Command) | Negros Island Regional Operational Command (Apolinario Gatmaitan Command) | New People's Army
December 27, 2020
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The statement of RMPC yesterday said that four soldiers were killed along with two red fighters in Siaton AFP/PNP-NPA clash on Christmas Eve.

But latest data from reliable sources within the reactionary government further revealed that among those killed in action (KIA) was an Army lieutenant and an enlisted personnel. And another two soldiers were wounded in action (WIA).

Thus, only two were KIAs from the enemy side not four as earlier stated by RMPC. But regardless of the exact number, the 11th IB and PNP hid this fact to the public and brazenly continue to project an image of invincibility.

Because it is indeed shameful for a preponderant attacking force positioned in advantageous terrain with superiority not only terms of personnel but also in firepower not to totally wipe out a small unit of lightly-armed NPA fighters and instead suffered casualties.

In gross violations of IHL (International Humanitarian Law), the remains of two martyred comrades, Ricardo “Ka George” Sabinan and Ebit “Ka MJ” Fuentes, were desecrated and treated like animals. They were hog-tied and inhumanely tossed at the back of the police car.

While the cadavers of two KIAs from 11th IB were processed and disposed of by a funeral homes with military escort.

Army Lt., enlisted personnel killed in Siaton clash; 2 others wounded