The tactical solution to the worsening crisis is Duterte’s stepping down from power

The tactical solution to the worsening crisis is Duterte’s stepping down from power For reference: Ka Bayani Obrero Spokesperson National Democratic Front – Negros The Covid-19 pandemic has revealed the chronic crisis of the semicolonial and semifeudal system in the sectors of public health, education, labor, agriculture, and other in Negros. Instead of solving such through scientific pro-people policies, Duterte’s incessant implementation of military-centric solutions have proven to be ineffective, as the country is nowhere near in solving the public health emergency’s repercussions in the 5-month long lockdown. Various local government units in Negros are already bearing the brunt of the pandemic. Healthcare workers and other frontliners are grossly overworked and underpaid. The country’s hospitals are in danger zones and the Department of Health’s data maneuvering only worsen the situation. So far, the only solution Duterte has seriously offered is a gasoline disinfectant, much to the disapproval of the scientific community. Duterte’s reliance on a yet non-existent vaccine and telling of the people to ‘suffer in wait’ for it while Covid-19 cases soar will only worsen the critical state of medical care. Without mass testing, waiting until December is a death wish for the majority of the population. Education Secretary Briones’ hardheaded railroading of the resumption of classes through blended learning is also anti-people. Negrosanon students are faced with additional burden of procuring for gadgets to accommodate such, on top of the high price of education. Teachers and staff are also clamoring due to the lack of a concrete plan and aid to the logistical concerns brought upon by DepEd’s policy. The lockdowns are adversely affecting the economy. Businesses are either closing down or are in limited operations, forcing lay offs en masse. According to IBON Foundation’s estimates, over 20 million of the workforce has been displaced by the pandemic. The labor sector comprised mainly of workers and oddjobbers (farmers and farm workers) are in suffering even more due to lack of jobs and government aid during the pandemic, paralyzing the economy in the island. Duterte’s kowtow to his imperialist masters have resulted to the surrender of sovereignty in exchange for debt that has amounted to Php 9 trillion. The huge bulk intended for Covid-19 response has disappeared into corruption while the masses are set to pay for the debt through heavier taxes including online businesses and education, while corporate taxes are lowered to consider capitalist loss. The massive demonstrations that present the people’s calls are met with red-taggings, illegal arrests, militarization, killings and human rights violations. Duterte has entrusted even the distribution of the vaccine to the incompetent military despite the job to be of the health sector. It is clear that Duterte has no intent of addressing the situation but is instead utilizing the pandemic to forward his dictatorial ends to accommodate himself and his military regime. The military-centric approach of Duterte has proven to be a hindrance to the solving of the pandemic. While he remains in power, the Negrosanon and the entire Filipino people will only be subjected to more hunger and suffering. Thus, the collective call of different sectors for his ouster is only justified to ease the masses’ qualms. Voluntarily or not, Duterte needs to be removed from power. Tactically, this will pave way for a better possibility of addressing the pandemic through a more democratic regime. The succession will have to be an answer to the people’s needs, not a mere replacement of another militarist crony that the monster Duterte will appoint. Strategically, this will also ensure the increase membership in the Communist Party, the New People’s Army, and all the revolutionary organizations ready to wage the National Democratic Revolution through Protracted People’s War to the eventual seizing of political power to establish a society pillared on a just and lasting peace. ###