NPA-Quezon will use all means to defend and protect the environment, Dumagat tribesmen and the people opposing Kaliwa Dam against the onslaught of Duterte government and their Chinese masters

In the light of Duterte Government threat to use extra-ordinary power to construct Kaliwa Dam despite widespread opposition from the Dumagat Tribesmen and the people, the NPA-Quezon reiterates its commitment to defend and protect the environment and the welfare of the Dumagat Tribesmen. We will use all resources at our disposal to protect the environment, the interest of the Dumagat tribesmen and the people against the onslaught of state forces.  We will conduct   Tactical Offensives to punish the foreign owned and local companies that is responsible for the destruction of the environment of Mt. Sierra Madre. We are ready to engage in battle with the AFP-PNP forces sent by the Duterte Government to secure the Kaliwa Dam construction and who threatens to harm and destroy the Dumagat tribesmen and the people opposing the Kaliwa Dam.
 threat to use exrtra-ordinary police power to construct Kaliwa Dam is a clear manifestation of his utter disregard of  the environment  and lives and livelihood of the Dumagat and Remontado tribesmen and the people in general.  The only important thing for Duterte is to protect the interest of Chinese government and his own sets of oligarchs who will fatten their pockets from the onerous loan from Chinese government.  He is just using the issue of water crises to justify the construction of Kaliwa Dam. He is hell-bent to pursue the project even it is against existing laws of the Philippine Government such as the Law Declaring Sierra Madre as a Protected Areas and IPRA Law which prohibits projects and activities in Ancestrbeal lands without the Free, Prior and informed Consent (FPIC) of Indigenous People owning the ancestral lands that will be affected by the project.
The new threat is not new to the oppositors of Kaliwa Dam. Ever since the Chinese government agreed to fund the construction of Kaliwa Dam Project, the AFP-PNP started pouring in the construction site of the project in the provinces of Rizal, Quezon and Laguna particularly in the towns of Real, Gen. Nakar and Infanta, Quezon, in Tanay and Teresa Rizal and in Sta. Maria, Laguna. These towns are now teeming with government forces coming from SAF-PNP, RMFB-PNP-4A and 80th IB-PA. They are openly campaigning for the construction of Kaliwa Dam and threatening harm to people opposing the Project.  They are also red-tagging those who are opposing the project.
The Dumagat tribesmen and the people who are against the destruction of the environment of Sierra Madre have spoken. They are not afraid of DuterteÕs threat.  They will continue to fight for their interest. Together with the revolutionary forces, the Dumagat tribesmen and the people will continue to actively oppose the construction of Kaliwa Dam. The New PeopleÕs Army (NPA) will do its share and will act accordingly to support the people and stop the construction of Kaliwa Dam.
In the face of rampaging stat forces, the NPA units in the said areas will hold the ground and will use everything at their disposal to give genuine service to the people. We are willing to offer our lives to defend Mt. Sierra Madre and its natural protector, the Dumagat and Remontado tribesmen. We will continue serving the interests of the people and no amount of threats will deter us from pursuing our historiical mission, under the leadership of the Communist Party of Philippines (CPP),  to act as the real army of the people.