NPA-AGC: Flores and AFP are illogical, Quiocson a legitimate target

“The enactment of revolutionary justice against Corporal Quiocson- is a valid action of the NPA against Quiocson and the AFP, as the 62nd IB are legitimate targets of the ongoing armed revolution. It is illogical of them to construe this as a human rights violation while they do not bat an eye to their monstrosities and actual human rights violations committed in Negros”, Ka Juanito Magbanua, NPA-Apolinario Gatmaitan Command Regional Spokesperson said in a press statement Saturday.

“They do not have the moral high ground to play the victim when the NPA has acted only legitimate targets while they have had killed at least 90 civilians in the island alone since their commander-in-chief Duterte sat in Malacañang. Their audacity to do such is an outright insult to the needless deaths they have caused in their brutal operations. This exactly is the kind of narrative that the Anti-Terrorism Law will allow: give leeway for state forces to legitimize killings of innocent civilians like what they did in Negros.”

“As for the allegations, personal properties of Quiocson were not stolen. It just so happens that the bag he was carrying along with him had the .45 caliber, magazines and bullets also had BIR papers, wallet with a P1061 content, and the squid he purchased. The NPA is strict in adhering to its discipline and will only keep the military materiel and is prepared to return his personal belongings. The circumstances of course did not allow for the SParu team to be meticulous of the bag’s contents but again, only the gun and ammunition will be kept as part of our strict code, while the other contents-+ will be returned promptly.”

“Furthermore, their appeal to emotion that he was a frontliner does not dismiss his case against the revolutionary movement. And even so, their militarist checkpoints and lockdowns have only brought us into this worsened state of the pandemic, while NPA areas have remained to be Covid-19 free. Their operations during the pandemic have been a smokescreen for their counterinsurgency measures while the NPA have conducted public health campaigns and emergency production along with revolutionary mass organizations”, ended Magbanua.