NDF-EV will hold accountable Gov. Petilla, other government officials for collaborating in human rights violations and war crimes through EO 70

This is a further response of the National Democratic Front-Eastern
Visayas to the slated implementation of Leyte Gov. Leopoldo Dominico
Petilla and the provincial government of Executive Order 70.

We wish to make it clear that EO 70 is GRP President Rodrigo Duterte’s
scheme for fascist dictatorship. Under EO 70 and its “whole of
government” approach, the entire government is subordinated to the
“counterinsurgency” campaign of the Armed Forces of the Philippines.
While the Duterte regime vows to end “communist insurgency,” its real
agenda is to stifle all opposition, sweep aside basic rights and due
process and install a fascist dictatorship.

Duterte has already militarized the civilian agencies by appointing to
key positions over 60 former generals and military officers. His EO 70
further weaponizes the civilian bureaucracy to serve his corrupt
tyranny. It also mobilizes provincial kingpins like Petilla to rally
behind Duterte and his scheme for fascist dictatorship.

The people will thus be subjected to the notorious atrocities of the
Duterte regime, including the “Red-tagging” of legal activists to
harass them and to legitimize their mass murder a la Oplan Tokhang and
the recent Oplan Sauron in Negros. The people can only expect worse
violations of human rights and international humanitarian law both in
the cities and in the countryside with escalating attacks on civilians
and their communities. In the final analysis, there is no other way
out for the people but to rise up and end the Duterte regime and its
unconscionable crimes.

For its part, in the face of intensified fascist state terrorism, the
NDF-EV calls on the New People’s Army to defend the people and further
intensify the guerrilla offensives against the police, military,
paramilitary and intelligence units of the GRP. The worst human rights
violators must be singled out from these legitimate targets to serve
notice they will pay for their crimes and they will never rest easy.

At the same time, the NDF-EV sternly reminds Leyte Gov. Petilla that
he will be held accountable for implementing and promoting EO 70. Such
complicity that will surely result in massive human rights violations
and war crimes in Leyte will not go unpunished.

Therefore, the NDF-EV unequivocally warns Gov. Petilla and other
officials in the local government and civilian bureaucracy who
actively campaign for EO 70 that the People’s Democratic Government
will surely include them for investigation and arrest and punish them
as collaborators in the human rights violations and war crimes of the
Duterte regime and its AFP. ##