Mobilize to extend relief for Batangas

In the face of widespread economic displacement and disruption of lives brought
about by explosions of the Taal volcano, the Communist Party of the Philippines
(CPP) calls on the Filipino people and all revolutionary forces to mobilize the
widest possible resources to extend relief assistance for the hundreds of
thousands of people in Batangas and nearby provinces.

The Party empathizes with the broad masses of fisherfolk, peasants and farm
workers who have been forced to evacuate to safer areas. They suffer from
damaged homes and crops, loss of farm and work animals and prohibition from
fishing which are their sources of livelihood. They bemoan the government’s
lack of sympathy or consideration over their loss of income and lack of state
insurance. The calamity comes on top of long-standing economic problems such as low prices of crops and fish catch, highly unequal terms in raising poultry,
hogs and cattle, and others.

The Party urges all democratic forces to unite and mobilize to extend all-out
assistance to the survivors of the calamity. Revolutionary forces in Batangas
and in the Southern Tagalog region affiliated with the National Democratic
Front of the Philippines can help coordinate efforts to ensure that all relief
assistance will go directly to the people. Units of the New People’s Army (NPA)
can form teams to extend medical and psycho-social treatment to those in need.