Mobilize for calamity response

The CPP advises the NPA commands and units, as well as revolutionary mass organizations in areas along the path of Typhoon Tisoy to be on alert to assist the masses in preparing for strong rains and in case of floods and landslides. Help the people respond in an organized manner, including evacuation in calamity-prone areas, especially logged over and mining areas. They can prepare the necessary equipment and other resources, and link up with various local and international relief and aid organizations, in order to help the people in emergency situations, as well as in rebuilding their farms and homes after the storm.

While the NPA extends assistance, it must remain vigilant over attacks of AFP units conducting relentless military operations in Eastern Visayas, Bicol, Southern Tagalog as well as in northern and central Luzon.

The CPP urges the people to demand the AFP not to militarize disaster emergency and relief operations which prevent maximum help reaching those who need it.