In solidarity with the September 21 protests

The Communist Party of the Philippines and New People’s Army extends solidarity with the tens of thousands demonstrating across the country to mark the imposition of martial law on September 21, 1972 and to demand an end to the reign of terror, tyranny and facism of the US-Duterte regime. The rallies also serve to echo the clamor against burdensome taxes and sky-rocketing prices and press the people’s demand for wage increases, jobs and job security, land reform, state social subsidies and other urgent reforms for the people’s welfare.

Duterte is desperately clinging to power amid worsening economic and political crisis. His regime is being undermined from within by rising conflicts among allies over pork barrel and other bureaucratic perks. At the same time, it is increasingly isolated from the people who are made to suffer gravely from anti-people policies.

The people persevere in waging various form of resistance despite all-out suppression by Duterte’s police and military. The revolutionary armed struggle in the countryside, in particular, continues to grow and advance nationwide.

The Party urges everyone to strengthen their will and determination to persevere in the struggle to end the US-Duterte regime. The fight will be hard and difficult and will entail a lot of sacrifice. However, if the people will fight singularly and march as one, victory is certain.