Duterte shuttling back LSIs without mass testing

Again with their criminal negligence the IATF ordered the shuttling back of LSIs (locally stranded individuals) to the provinces without sufficient or lack of mass testing, assistance and proper coordination to local LGUs thus endangering the people to a renewed threat of spreading the virus.

Further, Duque’s idea of sending community doctors to highly-infected areas instead of hiring experts against the pandemic is grossly inefficient and ineffectual. In Western Visayas he would rather deprive the people of their sorely needed ‘doctors to the barrios’ who lack the training and experience and send them to covid-infected Cebu in lieu of hiring additional health professionals more trained for such emergency.

Duque’s imprudent and careless thought is but a futile attempt to cover up his obvious failures and to appease the mounting discontent against his unhealthy administration and the Duterte regime as a whole.
Mayor Treñas and the people are right in saying that Duque should resign.