79th IB troops behind sabong, gambling in Covid-19 relief in Negros villages

Elements of 79th IB, who are supposedly conducting Covid-19 response
operations, are behind cockfighting or sabong in Sitio Udiong in Barangay
Tabun-ac, Toboso, Negros Occidental. According to residents, the soldiers also
regularly travel to Barangay Winaswasan in Calatrava to hold gambling sessions.

The said troops of the 79th IB are part of the combat operations being mounted
in the mountain villages of Brgy. Paghumayan, Malatas, Cruz, Macasilao and
Pantao in Calatrava. The operations started early April while the GRP’s
ceasefire was still in effect.

Residents also reported military presence of military troops in Sitio Carbon,
Barangay San Isidro and Barangay Bandila in Toboso.

The NPA-Northern Negros has received reports that 30 soldiers have threatened
and interrogated civilians in Sitio Tipolo, Barangay Pantao, Calatrava. They
occupied a private home to serve as their base on April 13.

The troops also proceeded towards Sitio Udiong, Brgy. Bandila and Sitio
Maglakapi, Barangay Tabun-ac in Toboso.

Two days after the said insident, six soldiers from the 79th IB forcibly enter
and ransacked the home of Quintin Palay in Sitio Udiong. Palay was then tending
to his crops in Barangay Bandila. The soldiers also threatened and interrogated
a 12-year old child who fainted due to fear.