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On the Int’l Situation, Covid-19 pandemic & people’s response
April 09, 2020 | Focus

I am highly honored and delighted to be the first speaker in this series of webinars, billed as Teach-Ins or Interviews, online discussions on international events and people’s struggles, under the auspices of ILPS Solidarity. The format is simple. I make the presentation. And the audience can react with observations, questions and further discussions. My […]

On the Duterte Legacy
February 01, 2020 | Focus

By his own policies and actions, Duterte has defined his legacy. It is a malignant one characterized by treason, tyranny, butchery, corruption and deception. 1. Treason and Double Puppetry Contrary to his lie that he has an independent foreign policy, he is a steadfast puppet of US imperialism subject to US direction and logistical requirements […]

On the pen and the gun
December 29, 2018 | Focus

Honored guests, comrades and friends! I am honored to be able to address you today in celebration of the founding anniversary of the Reestablishment of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), which completed its 50th year three days ago. It is still fitting to have the celebration today because the Congress was still going […]