Archive of NPA-Southeast Negros (Rachelle Mae Palang Command)

Attempted slay, theft and other rights abuses marked Siaton operation

The ongoing military operation in the three barangays of Siaton, Negros Oriental that started on Christmas day has resulted in mounting cases of human rights violations and military-police brutality on civilians. At least 10 cases of rights abuses such as attempted extra-judicial killings, forcible entry & occupation of houses, theivery inside occupied houses, interrogation, threat […]

11th IB using Siaton clash as pretext to intensify militarization

Desperate over its failure to inflict maximum damage on the NPA during and after the Siaton Christmas Eve clash, the 11th IB & and 705th RMFB fascist troops are now venting their ire on civilians and intensified militarization on areas already besieged by RCSP. Since Christmas day, about 90-120 troops aboard 5 military trucks were […]

Army Lt., enlisted personnel killed in Siaton clash; 2 others wounded

The statement of RMPC yesterday said that four soldiers were killed along with two red fighters in Siaton AFP/PNP-NPA clash on Christmas Eve. But latest data from reliable sources within the reactionary government further revealed that among those killed in action (KIA) was an Army lieutenant and an enlisted personnel. And another two soldiers were […]

Statement on Christmas Eve Siaton armed clash

Past 7:00 pm on December 24, a small team of lightly-armed red fighters from the Rachelle Mae Palang Command (RMPC) was on the way to their respective area to join the masses in Christmas festivity when they chanced upon much larger units of 11th IB soldiers and police mobile forces in Sitio Libjo, Barangay Tayak […]

CHRISTMAS SPOILERS:  Death threat, red tagging vanishes holiday joy

As if the terror caused by the on-going focused military operation (FMO) in Sta. Catalina and other areas of Negros Oriental’s 3rd District is not enough to dissipate the celebratory mood of the affected communities for the upcoming traditional Christmas day festivity, the 11th IB’s psywar hacks are unrelenting in spawning dangerous lies against civilians. […]

FMOs sowing terrorism in Sta. Catalina

The conduct of focused military operations (FMOs) in the 3rd District of Negros Oriental, particularly in the town of Sta. Catalina, has been synonymous with terrorism. As these brutal and dirty operations often resulted in mounting cases of grave human rights violations victimizing unarmed civilians and non-combatants. The FMO was conceived by the fascist-criminal Duterte […]

Masked soldiers terrorized farmers

Early Wednesday morning at least a company of soldiers wearing ski masks surrounded and assaulted the family residence of elderly farmer Nicolas Lasas in Sitio Igang, Barangay Talalac, Sta. Catalina, Negros Oriental. They were looking for his two sons, Tata and Titi, implicated by the Negros Oriental TF-ELCAC in a fabricated murder case over the […]

Intensifying Crackdown on Peasant Organizations in Southeast Negros

On orders by the tyrant Duterte’s anti-insurgency task force, the 11th IB has stepped up its crackdown on peasant organizations in the 3rd District of Negros Oriental starting last month and continuing at present. Leaders and members of legal peasant organizations were targeted in the systematic campaign of red tagging, villification, harassment, threat, coercion, mauling, […]

CentCom chief’s pipe dream

In a recent visit to its headquarters last Nov. 26, 2020, Lt. Gen. Roberto Ancan of AFP-Central Command congratulated the 11th IB for successfully “dismantling the Southeast Negros Front of the CPP-NPA”. The congratulatory remark ironically came barely a month after the failure of the last round of focused military operation (FMO) in Sta. Catalina […]

On Gen. Baluyan’s hackneyed diatribe against revolutionary taxation

The fascist mercenaries of Negros RTF-ELCAC and AFP CentCom have once again stepped up their criminal, anti-people terrorist scheming in a vain attempt to thwart the revolutionary people’s democratic government (PDG) in Negros Oriental in exercising its right and fulfilling its duty of collecting revolutionary taxes. Last September 29, 2020, 302nd Brigade Commander Brig. General […]