Archive of Negros Island Regional Operational Command (Apolinario Gatmaitan Command)

Mt. Cansermon Command renews call for justice for Bernardo Guillen, denies claim of a father and child-soldier son surrender

In a hopeless attempt to deflect the roaring cry for justice for Bernardo Guillen and all victims of human rights violations, the 94th Infantry Batallion is spinning another lie of a father and child-soldier son surrender. “The 94th IB led by Ltc. Angelo Guzman is desperate to whitewash their cowardly crimes against the people of […]

Madata nga paglapas sang tawhanong kinamatrong sang mga pumuluyo, ginakondenar sang LPC-NPA!

Mabaskog nga ginakondenar sang Leonardo Panaligan Command-New People’s Army (LPC-NPA) ang mapintas nga pagpang-atake kag paglapas sang mga berdugong militar kag mga pulisya sa mga pumuluyo sa sakop sang Central Negros. Sadtong Oktobre 02, 2020 illegal nga gin aresto sang 62nd Infantry Battalion Philippine Army (IBPA) kag Civilian Auxiliary Force and Geographical Unit (CAGFU), alas […]

On Gen. Baluyan’s hackneyed diatribe against revolutionary taxation

The fascist mercenaries of Negros RTF-ELCAC and AFP CentCom have once again stepped up their criminal, anti-people terrorist scheming in a vain attempt to thwart the revolutionary people’s democratic government (PDG) in Negros Oriental in exercising its right and fulfilling its duty of collecting revolutionary taxes. Last September 29, 2020, 302nd Brigade Commander Brig. General […]

Use of airplane metaphor to justify AFP’s fascist orientation and undemocratic practices laughable

The paid hacks of 11th IB were quick to react to the recent RMPC post regarding the thriving democracy inside the NPA and lack thereof in the AFP. They likened the AFP to an airplane and its officers to pilots; and without them the flight will be lost on its course and unable to reach […]

The 302nd Brigade must be made to answer to their heinous crimes against the people of Brgy. Tan-awan, Kabankalan City

The Mt. Cansermon Command – New People’s Army (MCC-NPA) strongly condemns the continuing human rights violations in Barangay Tan-awan, Kabankalan City. Jointly operating troops of the 94th Infantry Battalion and 15th Infantry Battalion unleashed their fury on innocent civilians following an armed encounter and their frustration on chasing a unit of the MCC -NPA last […]

Demokrasya nagalambo sa NPA

Read in: English Aron paghatag rason sa ilang dakong pangwarta nga iskema sa peke nga pagpasurender, ang mga binaryan nga tigpangdaut sa 11th IB karong bag-o naghimo sa kataw-anan nga estorya kabahin sa giingong pagpangyatak sa katungod sa mga pulang manggugubat sa giingong despotiko nga mga kumander sa NPA ug kadre sa Partido. Usa kini […]

Democracy thrives in the NPA

Read in: Bisaya To justify its profitable fake surrender scheme, 11th IB’s paid hacks recently concocted the pathetic storyline about so-called individual rights of Red fighters being trampled by “despotic” NPA commanders and Party cadres causing demoralization and eventual massive surrender. This is a barefaced lie and a desperate act to cover-up their plunder of […]

Lapnagon nga peke kag pwersa nga pagpasurender, mahigko nga padihot sang AFP/PNP para sa wala-kabulusgan nga korapsyon

Read in: English Nagasala ang mga ido ni Duterte nga mga katapu sang berdugo nga militar kag pulis kon paano ipabugal nga nagmadinalag-on kuno ang ila kampanya kontra-insurhensya sa isla sang Negros. Nagahimo sang indi na ma-isip kag pasulit-sulit nga kabutigan agud mahinabunan ang ila mga kapaslawan sa kontra-insurhensya nga kampanya, himo-himo nga engkwetro sa […]

Fake and forced mass surrenders, AFP’s/PNP’s dirty scheme for unli-corruption

The fascist dogs of Duterte who are members of the mercenary AFP and PNP are in a rush to boast the supposed victory of their counter-insurgency efforts in the island of Negros. They concoct countless and repetitive lies to cover up their failure in their counter-insurgency campaign, fake encounters between the AFP and PNP, fake […]

Army’s gross ignorance on the land mine accord exposed

In a fashion akin to that of Goebbels, Hitler’s chief propagandist, the paid hacks of 11th IB are incessantly repeating the lie in their radio programs that the NPA violated the Ottawa Convention in employing command-detonated explosives in tactical offensives.. No matter how many times this lie is repeated, it will not change the fact […]