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NDF-EV to military, police rank-and-file: Stand for patriotism and genuine service to the people, reject Duterte’s treachery and corruption

The National Democratic Front-Eastern Visayas today said that ordinary officials and troops of the military and police should be wary of the recent string of “military accidents” such as the crash of a C-130 plane in Sulu and of two police trucks in Northern Samar, as these are the result of the Duterte regime’s systematic […]

20th IB stages “peace rally” for military asset punished by NPA-Northern Samar

Soldiers coerced Barangay Paco residents to hold up ready-made placards with defamatory calls against the New People’s Army.

20th IB, naghimo han “peace rally” para ha aset han militar nga ginsirutan han NPA-Northern Samar

Nagpatawag han asembleya an mga tropa han 20th IB nga naghihimo han Retooled Community Support Program (RCSP) ha dancing hall han barangay hadton Hunyo. Waray ig-anunsyo an adyenda han miting, sering han mga residente ha NPA-RUC.

NTF-ELCAC actively campaigning against defunding of military pork barrel in Eastern Visayas barrios

The NDF-EV said it received reports that several barangays in Gamay, Northern Samar, Dolores, Eastern Samar, and Matag-ob, Tabango, Villaba, Calubian, and Leyte towns of Leyte province were made to issue resolutions calling to “continue the funding and implementation” of the Barangay Development Program (BDP) under the NTF-ELCAC.

NTF-ELCAC, nangangampanya kontra ha pagtanggal han badyet han pork barrel han militar ha kabaryuhan ha Eastern Visayas

Nagsering an NDF-EV nga kumarawat ini han mga report nga pira nga barangay ha Gamay, Northern Samar, Dolores, Eastern Samar, ngan Matag-ob, Tabango, Villaba, Calubian ngan Leyte, prubinsya han Leyte an ginpirit nga magpagawas han resolusyon nga nananawagan nga “igpadayon an pagpondo ngan implementasyon” han Barangay Development Program (BDP) ilarum han NTF-ELCAC.

Resist Duterte’s push for armed vigilantes to carry out more widespread killings and abuses

The National Democratic Front-Eastern Visayas joins the Filipino people in condemning Rodrigo Duterte for publicly endorsing vigilantism, widespread killings and impunity by calling to arm “anti-crime volunteers.”

Atuhan an pagduso ni Duterte para ha mga armado nga vigilante para ha mas damo nga panmatay nga pangabuso

Nakikig-usa an National Democratic Front-Eastern Visayas ha katawhan Pilipino ha pagkundenar kan Rodrigo Duterte ha butad nga pag-endorso ha vigilantism, hiluagan nga panmatay ngan kawaray hustisya pinaagi han iya panawagan nga armasan an mga “kontra-krimen nga boluntir.”

Fugitive who escaped police torture in Samar falsely presented as “high-ranking NPA leader”

The Efren Martires Command of the NPA-EV belied this, citing a previous report from the local unit of the NPA saying that Mabahin was not an NPA leader but was a fugitive who escaped from the police after he and his underage brother with whom he was imprisoned suffered torture and verbal abuse at the hands of the police. The two were accused of robbery and causing physical injury.

Pugante nga umeskapo ha pagtortyur han kapulisan ha Samar, ginpagawas nga “hitaas nga lider han NPA”

Ginpanhimuwa ini han Efren Martires Command han NPA-EV, subay ha nahiuna nga report tikang ha lokal nga yunit han NPA nga nagsering nga diri lider han NPA hi Mabahin kundi usa nga pugante nga umeskapo ha kapulisan upod han iya menor de edad nga bugto kahuman nira matotyur ngan maabuso. Gin-akusahan an duha han pan-ngawat ngan pangastigo.

Resist intensifying militarization and surrender campaign in Northern Samar

Read in: Waray The National Democratic Front-Eastern Visayas (NDF-EV) called on the people of Northern Samar to resist the intensifying militarization and forced surrender campaign by the 8th Infantry Division. Citing recent reports from the People’s Democratic Government, the NDF-EV said that the 8th ID has been launching simultaneous combat-intelligence-psywar operations guised as Retooled Community […]