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Nag-unang bata-bata ni Duterte “mihilo sa atabay” aron paghikyad sa militarisasyon sa UP

Read in: English Samtang tinuod, nga makita sa lain-laing mga tinubdan, nga adunay pipila ka estudyante ug mga kanhing tinun-an sa University of the Philippines (UP) mga miapil sa han-ay sa mga armadong rebolusyonaryo ug sa proseso daghan kanila ang mihalad sa ila mismong kinabuhi ug nahimong martir sa demokratikong rebolusyon sa katawhan. Apan ang […]

Duterte’s top hatchetman “poisoning the well” to pave way for UP militarization

Read in: Bisaya While it’s a fact, as can be gleaned from various news archival and anecdotal sources, that a number of University of the Philippines (UP) students and alumni have hitherto joined the ranks of armed revolutionaries and in the process many of them sacrificed their very lives and became martyrs of people’s democratic […]

Remembering the Marcos puppet fascist dictatorship: Revolutionary youth, unite and struggle to fight against Duterte’s new martial law!

On this September 21, 2020, the Filipino people are united in commemorating the day on which the puppet fascist dictator Ferdinand Marcos signed Proclamation No. 1081, putting the entire Philippines under martial law, marking the beginning of his 14-year one-man dystopian rule over the nation. With the prevalence of the Duterte clique’s civil-military junta that […]

As millions of students are disenfranchised by Duterte’s “blended learning program”, more youths are turning to revolution and enlist in the people’s army

As admitted by DepEd top officials in a recent Senate hearing, it is expected that around four million will become out-of-school youth this year and, thus, deprived of their fundamental right to education by Duterte’s anti-people blended educational program. More than half of school age youths in the hinterland villages of Southeast Negros failed to […]

Samtang minilyon ka estudyante ang mahikawan sa “blended learning” nga programa ni Duterte, mas daghang kabatan-onan ang mopadulong sa rebolusyon ug mosampa sa hukbo sa katawhan

Read in: English Subay giangkon mismo sa mga kadagkoan sa DepEd sa miaging hearing sa Senado, gibanabanang moabot sa upat ka milyon ka estudyante ang mahimong out-of-school nga kabatan-onan ug, sa ingon, mahikawan sa ilang pundamental nga katungod nga maka-eskwela sa kontr-katawhan nga blended nga program sa edukasyon ni Duterte. Sobra katunga sa mga kabatan-onan […]

Hugot nga kondenahon ang pagpalingkawas ni Duterte kang Pemberton ug ang iyang pagkalunod-patay nga papet sa imperyalistang US

Read in: English Ang Kabataang Makabayan (KM) – Southeast Negros nakigduyog sa katawhang Pilipino sa pagkondena sa pinaka-ulahing akto sa pagtraydor ni Duterte – ang iyang pagpalingkawas sa kombiktadong Amerikanong sundalo nga si Pemberton. Samtang ang liboon ka kabus nga Pilipino nga mas gaan ug gamay ang giatubang nga kaso kaysa kang Pemberton padayong natanggong […]

Strongly Condemn Duterte for the Absolute Pardon of Pemberton and his Rabid Puppetry to US Imperialist!

The revolutionary youths of Kabataan Makabayan – Southeast Negros are one with the Filipino people in condemning Duterte’s latest traitorous act – his absolute pardoning of US soldier and convicted murderer Joseph Scott Pemberton. Deplorable is the fact that thousands of poor Filipinos, who face lighter and fewer charges than Pemberton, continue to languish in […]

Unite and Struggle for a Patriotic, Mass, and Scientific Educational System! Junk the Anti-people “Blended Learning” Program!

When the COVID-19 pandemic, and the resulting disaster of crisis proportions due to the US-Duterte regime’s neoliberal economic policies, the people’s sufferings and hardships have been made worse, in terms of food consumption, work and livelihood, education, health, and other basic human needs. For the masses of settlers inhabiting the mountainous communities in the 3rd […]