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Will the CPP submit a request for delisting?

The Party, the New People’s Army and the revolutionary movement are outside the legal jurisdiction of the Government of the Republic of the Philippines (GRP). They are governed by the rules of the People’s Democratic Government (PDG) that the revolutionary movement is building and has established in the course of waging a revolutionary war to […]

Reject the ATC designation of the CPP/NPA

1. The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) rejects and challenges the December 9 resolution of Duterte’s Anti-Terror Council (ATC) “designating” the CPP and the New People’s Army (NPA) as “terrorists.” 2. The designation by the ATC is a precursor for heightened fascist suppression against the broad democratic forces which are being red-baited and persecuted […]

AFP is despicable for citing massacres and other war crimes among “achievements”

The Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) is highly despicable for citing among its “achievements” three recent cases of massacres against unarmed civilians as well as other war crimes. The AFP made these claims in their statement today in a futile attempt to dishearten the revolutionary forces. To cover up these military and police crimes, […]

NPA builds new, expands old guerrilla fronts despite AFP offensives

The New People’s Army (NPA) has built new guerrilla fronts and expanded old guerrilla fronts in several regions despite the large-scale and sustained focused military operations mounted by the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP). This information is based on the 24-page long message of the Central Committee that is set to be released on […]

Activities marking CPP’s 52nd anniversary to proceed despite suppression

Revolutionary forces are set to hold tomorrow simple but joyous activities to militantly mark the 52nd anniversary of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP). These activities, both in the rural areas and cities, will proceed despite the all-out attacks of the AFP, especially against peasant communities. These activities are going to be held clandestinely […]

Panawagan kaugnay ng pagsalanta ng bagyo sa hilagang Mindanao

Ang mga Pulang mandirigma at organisasyong masa sa mga prubinsya ng Davao Oriental, Agusan Norte at Sur at sa Surigao del Norte at Sur ay pinakikilos ngayon upang alalayan ang ilampung libong magsasakang nasalanta ng mga malawakang pagbaha at pagguho ng lupa bunga ng bagyong Vicky.   Kalapin ang kinakailangang suplay na pangkagipitan tulad ng […]

Reaksyon sa ipinagmamalaki ng DILG na 1,546 LGUs na nagdeklarang persona non grata ang CPP-NPA

Ang tanong, bakit hindi pa nila nagawang lahat ng 1,715 na LGU na i-declare na “persona non grata” ang CPP at NPA? Tutal, pinipilit lang naman nila ang mga LGU na pumirma sa template declaration na gawa ng DILG, sa bantang hindi sila mabibigyan ng pabor sa pondo. Ang “persona non grata” drive ng DILG […]

Statement on Human Rights Day crackdown

We join all democratic forces in denouncing the arrest earlier today of a labor organizer and an alternative media editor in Metro Manila. These arrests are the latest in the intensifying crackdown against those who have chosen to fight for the people’s welfare and human rights. The Duterte regime could not have chosen a better […]

Duterte is obsessed with prolonging the civil war

The CPP’s Central Committee has yet to issue a decision on whether it will declare a ceasefire or not for the holiday seasons. The decision will likely come a week before the holidays. Duterte’s declaration that there will be no more ceasefires with the revolutionary movement comes as no surprise. His government’s policies have always […]

On the DOJ’s Human Rights Summit

Kasukasuka at kasuklam-suklam. The DOJ’s so-called “Human Rights Summit” is a big farce. It is a gross mockery of human rights. It is a disgusting attempt to artificially dress up the Duterte regime’s gross record of extrajudicial killings and political repression. It is a desperate attempt to repair the Duterte regime’s image of an international […]