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Objection to US bomb and missile donation to Duterte terror regime

We vehemently object to the Trump government’s “donation” of $18 million worth of bombs and missiles that will exarcerbate the Duterte regime’s dirty war against the people. The war matériel was received by the AFP last Monday. We demand the incoming Biden regime to take action against continuing US military support for Duterte’s state terrorist […]

Comments on Tribune of the People’s “Open Letter” to the CPP

Last November 13, a website that calls itself the “Tribune of the People” (TOP) published as its editorial the article “To Celebrate Biden’s Victory is Incompatible with Anti-Imperialism: An Open Letter to the Communist Party of the Philippines.” The “Open Letter” deserves critical repudiation by the CPP, especially since it was authored by a group […]

Gen. Sinas’ promotion as PNP chief is a new high in criminal impunity

Duterte’s appointment of loyalist Gen. Debold Sinas as Philippine National Police (PNP) chief pulls the fascist institution to lowest depths of corruption and moral depredation. Awarding Sinas’ fascism and abuse of power outrages the people, incites greater disgust of the police and stokes further discord within it. His promotion marks another high in criminal impunity […]

Parlade and NTF-ELCAC must answer for any harm that may befall red-tagging victims

None other than Lt. Gen. Antonio Parlade, Jr., commander of the AFP Southern Luzon Command, and other officials of the NTF-ELCAC, should be blamed for whatever harm that may befall the individuals, organizations and officials successively red-tagged in the past few days. Like a rabid dog, General Parlade threatened movie and television personalities who expressed […]

Disarm and withdraw AFP soldiers behind shooting of 10-year old

We condemn the indiscriminate firing by AFP soldiers last Friday against a family harvesting corn in their field in Barangay Indalaza, Malaybalay City, Bukidnon. A 10-year old girl was wounded from the strafing. Soldiers fired their weapons from 100 meters away. They endangered the lives of at least 11 people including an infant being held […]

Mightily resist Duterte’s laws and rules on state terrorism

The implementing rules and regulations issued by Duterte’s Anti-Terror Council details how the so-called Anti-Terror Law will be used to stifle dissent and suppress civil and political rights. It attempts to give the law a facade of “respect for human rights” but its fascist fangs are revealed in the details. Section 4.4 is particularly deceptive […]

Gen. Gapay is a fascist bigot and Islamophobe

The Communist Party of the Philippines stands in solidarity with the Moro people in denouncing Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) chief Gen. Gilbert Gapay’s allegation that madrasas are being used “to recruit suicide bombers.” Gapay displays fascist bigotry and anti-Muslim chauvinism for baselessly associating Islamic schools with “radicalization” and “terrorism.” This stunning accusation reveals […]

Oppose economic dictatorial powers for Duterte

The Party denounces the railroading of House Bill 7884 that grants Duterte economic dictatorial powers under the guise of cutting red tape. The early morning approval on 2nd reading follows similar railroading of counterpart bill in Senate. If enacted into law, Duterte can override all existing processes and regulations that govern business permits and licenses. […]

On change of leadership in the reactionary congress

Speaker Velasco is a Duterte factotum. With Cayetano and the rest of Duterte’s minions, he supported the Anti-Terror Law, the shutting-down of ABS-CBN and giving Duterte extraordinary powers to divert public funds. Thus, what do we expect from his speakership but more of the same rubberstamping of Duterte’s state terrorism and corruption? With Velasco at […]

Criminal mastermind of 2015 Lianga massacre killed in firefight with NPA

One of the masterminds of the brutal Lianga Massacre of 2015 was killed yesterday in an ambush by the New People’s Army in Surigao del Sur against the paramilitary group Magahat-Bagani. According to reports, Hawudon Jomar Bucales, along with two other paramilitaries, were killed in a gun battle with the people’s army in Sitio Mamsapranon, […]