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LUMABAN-Bikol on the red-tagging of universities and DND’s erroneous list of alleged NPA fighters killed in battle o arrested

The US-Duterte regime is putting the lives of thousands of individuals in danger by indiscriminately tagging universities, individuals and organizations as Communists, breeders of Communists or any of that sort. With its recent push to designate the CPP as a ‘terrorist organization’ under the Anti-Terrorism Act (ATA), red-tagging will certainly lead to a wholesale violation […]

LUMABAN-Bikol on the renewed talks of charter change

Charter change, may the prefix be economic or political, is but any regime’s desperate attempt to secure its power. It is never meant to solve the pandemic, corruption or any deep-rooted problem in governance and our society. Rather, it is meant to aggravate that crisis. Once the constitutional assembly is formed, all control over the […]

LUMABAN-Bikol on Rep. Susan Wild’s proposal in the US Congress to stop funding for the AFP

The AFP is a murderous and violent institution created solely for the purpose of serving its masters and the ruling classes’ interest. It has a track record worse than any terrorist organization. Its history goes as far back as its inception as a mercenary army of US imperialism and every puppet and fascist President of […]

Overthrow the fascist US-Duterte regime, fight for justice and end impunity

Impunity is at its peak under the US-Duterte regime. While human rights defenders, nationalist and patriotic forces are successively killed and illegally arrested, the fascist regime remains ready to put one foot forward to absolve true criminals. LUMABAN-Bikol strongly condemns the illegal arrest of Nelsy Rodriguez, BAYAN-Camarines Sur Chairperson, and Ramon Rescovilla, CONDOR-PISTON spokesperson. They […]

Duterte’s Charter Change carries the worst of neoliberal and dictatorial agenda

Lupon ng mga Manananggol para sa Bayan-Bikol (LUMABAN-Bicol) strongly condemns the US-Duterte regime’s plot to prioritize and ensure the fruition of Charter Change (Cha-Cha) before 2022. This has, however, been in the making since 2016 – first, under the banner of federalism, anti-corruption and effectuating societal change; and now, it is being railroaded under the […]

47 years of fighting for justice and defending people’s rights — LUMABAN-Bicol

  LUMABAN-Bikol expresses its solidarity with the Filipino people in celebrating the 47th anniversary of the NDFP. For almost five decades, the NDFP has served as a bastion of unity in the people’s unwavering struggle for justice and freedom. It is continuously advancing the interests of the oppressed and marginalized people in all fora. True […]

Iligal na pag-aresto sa 62 sibilyan sa Negros: Larawan ng pangingibabaw ng militar sa sibilyang batas at burukrasya

Kaisa ang malawak na hanay ng mamamayan, kinukundena ng LUMABAN-BIKOL ang panibagong serye ng pasistang operasyong Sauron sa Negros bilang bahagi ng ganap na pagpapatupad ng crackdown laban sa mga progresibo at makabayang mga organisasyon at indibidwal. Nitong Oktubre 31, iligal na inaresto ang 62 sibilyan ng pinagsamang tropa ng CIDG-6, 3rd IDPA, Joint Task […]

Fifty years of advancing people’s rights

Lupon ng Manananggol para sa Bayan – Bicol (LUMABAN-Bikol) proudly stands in solidarity with the entire revolutionary movement in the celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP). For five decades, the CPP never wavered in advancing the interests of the masses and in pushing for a just and peaceful […]