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End imperialist control in the country! — NPA-Negros

Translation/s: Hiligaynon The fake “Fil-Am Friendship Day” between the Philippines and imperialist United States should not be celebrated. The celebration is deemed for a hypocritical friendship since we have been enslaved by imperialist US for decades through implementing worsening neoliberal policies, unfair treaties and subservience of previous pseudo-democratic regimes and all-out fascist regimes of Marcos […]

Duterte and the AFP-PNPs facade are being torn apart by their own lies

On his recent report, Duterte mentioned that the revolutionary movement is “the number one threat” this country faces. Despite the urgency needed amid the Covid-19 pandemic, he has the gall of mentioning such, when in fact, he and his minions are the number one threat to the Filipino people. Duterte has unwittingly admitted that he […]

NPA-Negros firmly salutes the 5 red fighters for their martyrdom

The New People’s Army – Apolinario Gatmaitan Command firmly salutes with the highest revolutionary fervor Ka Dennis, Ka Leo, Ka Joy, Ka Jabar, and Ka Raymond for their dauntless sacrifice. The 5-man team was raided in a household by combined elements of the 11th IB, 94th IB, and the Regional Mobile Force Battalion with almost […]

The support of the people for over 51 years is enough proof of the NPA’s strength: NPA-Negros

“The 51 years of armed struggle waged by the CPP-NPA in over 110 guerilla fronts in 17 different regions, including regions 6 and 7, is already an overwhelming rebuttal to disprove AFP’s claim. The unwavering support of the masses in Negros and the entire country is more than enough proof that the NPA through the […]

The 303rd brigade’s massive corruption behind their continued fake mass surrenders and smear campaigns will only strengthen the NPA even more — NPA-Negros

NPA-Negros denounces the recent fraudulent acts of the 303rd brigade of the Philippine Army in Negros Island. Their recent smear campaign of hundreds of fake surrenders and declaring the NPA as persona non grata is but an old trick from their worn playbook to discredit the steadily growing armed revolution in the country. “These are […]

Ang kakinahanglanon sang armadong paghimakas sa pag-atubang sa halit tuga sang rehimeng US-Duterte — NPA-Negros

  Tuman kadasig nga ginpasa kag na-aprobahan sa kongreso sa third and final reading ang anti-terrorism bill kag inugpasa na sa Malacañang para pirmahan ni Duterte agud mangin laye. Wala sa mga probisyon sang laye nga nagapabor sa interes sang pumuluyo, gani ginapa-abot ang lapnagon nga paglapas sang tawhanon nga kinamatarung sa porma sang EJK, […]

AFP’s SAP distribution and bountying will only lead to corruption

The tyrannical US-Duterte regime’s plan of assigning the AFP in distributing the subsidies will lead nowhere but to corruption. It will only result to widespread human rights violations and enforced surrenders (of so-called “NPA suporters”) before the masses can avail of the Social Amelioration Program (SAP). Billions of pesos are funnelled towards Duterte’s military cronies […]

Ang AFP nga pagpanagtag sa SAP ug pagpadya korapsyon ang padulungan — NPA-Negros

Wala sang pakadtuan kundi korapsyon ang plano sang teraniko nga rehimen Duterte nga manghatag sang subsidyo nga pangunahan sang AFP. Magaresulta lamang ini sang lapnagon nga paglapas sang tawhanon nga kinamatarung kag magresulta sang madamuan nga pagpasurender (sa kunu mga nagasuporta sa NPA) bag-o makuha ang kwarta sa idalum sang Social Amelioration Program (SAP). Bilyones […]

Pasaporte and the AFP-PNP are the women abusers, not the NPA

The AFP’s recent claim that “NPA commanders are sexually abusing their women comrades” based on the contraceptives they found in an alleged abandoned camp is another one of their age-old lies brought out of the blue and downright illogical. The NPA strictly adheres to the ‘3-8’ or ‘tres-otso’, the three main rules of discipline and […]

Ang pagka-epokrito kag pasista nga kapintas ni Sinas kag sang lockdown ni Duterte — NPA-Negros

Dapat lang sang malapad nga pagkundena ang nabuyagyag nga arogante nga pagbale-wala ni NCRPO chief Gen. Debold Sinas sa mga laye sang kwarantina nga siya mismo ang nagapanguna nga tagapagpatuman sa National Capital Region. Ang tuman ka matingkad nga laragway sini ang pagka-epokrito sang mga pwersa sang estado nga nagatapak sa kinamatarung sang mga komunidad […]