Archive of Juanito Magbanua | Spokesperson | NPA-Negros Island (Apolinario Gatmaitan Command)

Hustisya para sa mga biktima sang SEMPO! Silutan ang pasista nga rehimen! Magintra sa NPA!

Paghanduraw sang may kaakig kag pagpakamala-ut sa pagsukat sang ginpatigayon nga SEMPO sang mga berdugo kag mersenaryo nga AFP/PNP sa isla sang Negros Gapahayag sang mabaskog nga kaakig kag pagpakamalaut NPA-Negros upod sa bilog nga katawhan nga Negrosanon sa pagdumdom sa pagsukat sang mga kamatayon bangud sang ginlunsar nga Synchronize Enhanced Managing of Police Operations […]

Duterte kag Pasaporte: mga pasista kag korap nga halimaw nga nagahalit sa Negrosanon

Translation: English Ang nagalala nga wala sang tupa kag mapang-atake nga mga gipahayag sang reaksyunaryo nga gobyerno kag mga mersenaryo nga armado ang nagadugang lang sa kasakit kag pag-antus nga nabatyagan sang mga Negrosanon kag pumuluyong Pilipino. Sa lain-lain nga mga pahayag, ginpamatud-an lang liwat nila ni 303rd brigade commander Pasaporte kag iya nga commander-in-chief […]

Duterte and Pasaporte: fascist and corrupt monsters that plague the Negrosanon

Translation: Hiligaynon The increasingly tactless and hostile remarks of the reactionary government and its armed mercenaries are adding insult to injury of the suffering Negrosanons and the Filipino people. On separate statements, 303rd brigade commander Pasaporte and his commander-in-Chief Duterte have reaffirmed their long-unveiled monstrous character. Pasaporte has red-tagged legal democratic organizations and its membership […]

The true state of the nation presented by the people demands Duterte’s ouster

Joint statement of NPA and NDF Negros The revolutionary movement recognizes the genuine State of the Nation Address (SONA) conducted by the Negrosanons in the cities of Bacolod, Kabankalan and Dumaguete where they revealed the true worsening conditions of every sector in the fifth year of the insufferable and bloody Duterte regime. Despite the obvious […]

NPA-Negros: AFP tagging NPA as ‘terrorists’ a mistake and a desperate cover-up for their own crimes

  NPA-Negros slams the AFP’s recent statements once again wrongfully tagging revolutionaries as ‘terrorists’, and accusing them for the recent spate of killings in Negros and attacking communities. If anything, it is the AFP who continue to murder innocent civilians, violate International Humanitarian Law (IHL) and terrorize communities. Before and even during the onslaught of […]

NPA-Negros: 4 persona caught are not NPA

  The New People’s Army – Negros released an official statement on Sunday, July 12 denying the Armed Forces of the Philippines’ allegations that they caught alleged high-ranking officials of the CPP-NPA in Brgy Magballo, Kabankalan City, Negros Occidental. “Emmylo Cañares, George Buga-ay, Relyn Moreno, and Raffy Patajo are not high-ranking officials. They are not […]

NPA-AGC: Flores and AFP are illogical, Quiocson a legitimate target

“The enactment of revolutionary justice against Corporal Quiocson- is a valid action of the NPA against Quiocson and the AFP, as the 62nd IB are legitimate targets of the ongoing armed revolution. It is illogical of them to construe this as a human rights violation while they do not bat an eye to their monstrosities […]

Tapuson ang imperyalista nga paghari sang rehimen US-Duterte sa pungsod!

Translation/s: English Peke kag indi nagakadapat nga saulugon ang adlaw sang pag-abyanay ukon “Fil-Am Friendship Day” sa tunga sang Pilipinas kag imperyalistang Estados Unidos. Makabig nga isa ka ipokrito ang pag-abyanay nga ginasaulog subong sang estado bangod pila ka dekada na kita nga gina-ulipon sang imperyalistang US paagi sa pagpatuman sang nagalala nga patakaran neoliberal, indi […]

End imperialist control in the country! — NPA-Negros

Translation/s: Hiligaynon The fake “Fil-Am Friendship Day” between the Philippines and imperialist United States should not be celebrated. The celebration is deemed for a hypocritical friendship since we have been enslaved by imperialist US for decades through implementing worsening neoliberal policies, unfair treaties and subservience of previous pseudo-democratic regimes and all-out fascist regimes of Marcos […]

Duterte and the AFP-PNPs facade are being torn apart by their own lies

On his recent report, Duterte mentioned that the revolutionary movement is “the number one threat” this country faces. Despite the urgency needed amid the Covid-19 pandemic, he has the gall of mentioning such, when in fact, he and his minions are the number one threat to the Filipino people. Duterte has unwittingly admitted that he […]