Archive of Jose Maria Sison | Chief Political Consultant

Duterte’s preconditions to peace negotiations are crazy and clownish mouthing of the same rubbish

Duterte must be crazy or clowning in reiterating the preconditions he made so many times before. My educated guess is that the CPP, NPA and the people would rather intensify their revolutionary armed struggle than submit themselves to such silly and humiliating preconditions The preconditions amount to having the armed revolutionary movement commit political suicide […]

On the bombing of the Catholic cathedral in Jolo City

  First of all, I wish to express most heartfelt sympathy to those killed and wounded in the bombing of the Catholic Cathedral in Jolo City and to all their families and friends. As a matter of principle, I condemn the bombing as an act of terrorism directed against civilians and a place of worship. […]

Reply to Duterte’s Tirade in Lucena City against the CPP, NPA and revolutionary mass movement

  There is nothing rotten or insane about fighting for genuine and full national independence and people‚Äôs democracy and eventually for socialism even for another 50 years until victory is won. What is totally rotten is for Duterte to be serving the interests of both US and Chinese imperialists, the big compradors, landlords and his […]

Expectations of the people in 2019

  The Filipino people expect that this year, 2019, the socioeconomic and political crisis of the ruling system will worsen and that the Duterte regime will not solve or soften but will even aggravate the crisis by imposing heavier taxes and causing the prices of basic goods and services to rise further and to use […]

Duterte is a bloodthirsty tyrant with a malicious criminal mind

  Since he became president in 2016, Duterte has unleashed his all-out war against the revolutionary movement. There has been no letup in violent attacks and human rights violations by his armed minions even during periods of ceasefire in the course of the GRP-NDFP peace negotiations. Every time there is an incident which he wishes […]

Hinggil sa daluyong ng Kilusang Masa

Teleconference ng mga kinatawan ng mga organisasyong ng BAYAN sa Metro Manila, 12 December 2018 1. Ilang NDF consultant na ang hinuli, pati ang peace advocate na si Rey Casambre, may Martial Law extension, Memo 32, at bubuuin ang Death Squad laban sa NPA. Samantala, may panawagang resume peace talks. Paano ang pagbitbit ng panawagang […]

Duterte’s creeping coup against the 1987 constitution is calculated to climax in 2019

On this International Human Rights Day, it is fitting and proper to reflect on the Duterte regime’s vicious human rights violations in its drive to impose a fascist dictatorship on the Filipino people. Thus, the appropriate and effective courses of action can be defined for upholding, defending and promoting human rights. The tyrant Duterte, his […]

Executive order no. 70 is in furtherance of fascist dictatorship

  Executive Order No. 70 is the latest of presidential issuances in furtherance of the already ongoing de facto martial law nationwide and is in preparation for the formal declaration of martial law nationwide sometime next year. Duterte is truly hell-bent on imposing a fascist dicdtatorship on the Filipino people. Under the pretext of ending […]

Accelerating trend towards martial law nationwide and full-blown fascist dictatorship of Duterte

In view of certain recent acts of the tyrant Duterte, he is accelerating the realization of his scheme to declare martial law nationwide and impose a full-blown fascist dictatorship on the people. Duterte is closing all doors to peace negotiations. He has caused OPAPP Secretary Dureza to resign in order to put OPAPP under total […]

On Memorandum Order No. 32

Memorandum Order No. 32 is formally and actually a declaration of a state of national emergency. This is in furtherance of the ongoing tyranny and de facto martial law nationwide. It is preparatory to formal proclamation of martial law nationwide, the screwing up of the 2019 elections, chacha for bogus federalism and establishment of fascist […]