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Criminal charges against me are patently false, puerile and futile and do not bother me a bit

At the outset, I declare that the charges of terrorism and common crimes being made against me by the Duterte regime are patently false, puerile and futile and do not bother me a bit. These trumped up charges constitute gas lighting to deflect public attention from the gross and systematic crimes of treason, mass murder […]

In Honor of Comrade Engineer Ramon P. Ramirez

We convey our sincerest condolences to the entire family of Comrade Ramon Ramirez, especially his beloved wife Divina, and to all his closest comrades and friends who have known his best qualities as a committed revolutionary patriot, as a conscientious and diligent team mate and as a gentle and generous person.

On the Offer of Amnesty for the Purpose of Butchery

Duterte’s offer of fake amnesty to revolutionaries is a dirty trap like the campaign to have drug addicts surrender themselves for rehabilitation and then they are butchered by police death squads for cash rewards. The same kind of trap has been applied by Duterte in the so-called localized peace talks. Relatives and friends of suspected […]

Comparison of US Imperialism and Taliban

US imperialism has been the biggest terrorist force in the world since the end of World War II. It created in Afghanistan in July 1978 the mujahedin from which the Taliban emerged in the 1990s and took over the Afghan government in 1996 in collaboration with Al Qaida which is a CIA creation. In December […]

How to Understand the Current Puzzle in Afghanistan

It is a puzzle for some people how the Taliban could beat an enemy with hightech weapons and seemingly endless resources and take over Afghanistan in just a few days after 20 years of struggle mainly in the countryside with RPGs, land mines and AK rifles. The puzzle is like the one about the people’s […]

On the Philippines, US, China and other matters


Lies and self-contradictions of Duterte and his military servants

First of all, Duterte and his military servants claim that the revolutionary movement and such revolutionary forces as the CPP, NPA and NDFP have been practically destroyed several times over their strength as estimated by the counterrevolutionaries themselves. But unwittingly, they admit the growing strength of the revolutionary movement as they recognize the ability of […]

Duterte delivers dismal and disjointed SONA to mark the final year of his term of office

For being dismal and disjointed, the final state of the nation address (SONA) of Duterte fittingly marks the beginning of the ignominious end of his rule. It has been overshadowed by the mass protests of the Filipino people in the Philippines and abroad and likewise by the gold medal victory of the woman weight lifter […]

Long view of the revolutionary movement and shortsightedness of the Duterte regime

I intend to make a point-by-point comprehensive response to the final State of the National Address (SONA) of Duterte. But first let me make an immediate riposte to his big lie that he is succeeding at destroying the revolutionary movement of the Filipino people and that by implication he ought to be rewarded with a […]

On the ATC Resolution designating the NDF as terrorist

The diabolical purpose of the Duterte regime in designating the NDFP as terrorist cannot be understated because this has been preceded by the murder of NDFP consultants committed so flagrantly by Duterte death squads.