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The Perfect Storm Swirls in the Philippines

The perfect storm swirls in the Philippines. The political and socioeconomic crisis of the semicolonial and semifeudal ruling system has become extreme and has made the reactionary state and the ruling classes of big compradors, landlords and corrupt bureaucrats once more incapable of ruling in the old bourgeois-democratic way. Reminiscent of the period of the […]

Human rights violations and corruption of Duterte regime drive the people to clamor for revival of armed city partisans

I was a guest in a recent international webinar on the wanton violations of human rights and the rampant use of Oplan Tokhang methods by the military and police minions of the Duterte regime to torture and murder NDFP political consultants, social activists, human rights defenders and indigenous people . Other speakers and inquirers from […]

Duterte terminated the GRP-NDFP Peace Negotiations because he is a traitor and wants to be a fascist dictator

It was Duterte who kept blabbering about joining a coalition government with the Communist Party of the Philippines when he was an unreliable and unstable bureaucrat capitalist ally and was ingratiating himself with the revolutionary movement as a Davao City mayor and when he was seeking the support of the legal democratic forces when he […]

On the mass return of Overseas Filipino Workers

The return of hundreds of thousands and eventually millions of overseas Filipino workers will make ever more untenable and incendiary the chronic crisis of the underdeveloped and semifeudal economy of the Philippines. They are rejoining the ranks of the unemployed, where the hope of employment has been dimmed by the plunder of the public treasury, […]

Duterte, wala namalikas sa iyang pamulong sa UNGA apan padayong namakak ug nangyatak sa katawhang Pilipino

Read in: English Misubay si Duterte sa iyang pinasulat nga pamulong aron ilikay ang UN General Assembly sa iyang kasagarang pagpamalikas atubangan sa mga Pilipinong tigpaminaw. Apan wala siya milikay sa pagpamakak ug pagyatak sa katawhang Pilipino nga biktima sa iyang palpak nga administrasyon ug pagpanglapas sa tawhanong katungod. Daw maagnihon siyang paminawon dihang miingon […]

Duterte avoids vulgarities in UNGA speech but dishes out lies and slander against Filipinos

Read in: Bisaya Duterte kept to his ghost-written speech and was able to spare the UN General Assembly from his usual vulgarities before Philippine audiences. But he could not avoid dishing a number of lies and slanderous remarks against his own compatriots who are victims of his maladminsitration and human right violations. He sounded most […]

A quick note on the raving of Duterte

With the verbatim quote below from the ruffian (butangero) in power or the Devil himself, we are forewarned unwittingly by Duterte himself that he and his armed agents of state terrorism will soon carry out waves of false flag operations to sway public opinion that their own acts of terrorism are daily occurrences committed by […]

Duterte seals his political doom by signing law of state terrorism

At the peak of his narcissistic arrogance and greed for political power and ill-gotten wealth, Duterte has signed into law the bill of state terrorism that he had railroaded together with his servants in both houses of Congress, mostly beneficiaries of the rigging of the 2019 elections. This law of state terrorism nullifies the basic […]

Duterte is a paper tiger in strategic terms and is in the process of being torn apart

In tactical terms, Duterte has still enough power and enough armed minions to abuse the people and act like a real tiger. He can still kill any specific social activist, critic or anyone opposed to his brutal and corrupt regime. He can still persecute journalists, lawyers, human rights defenders, bishops, priests and opposition leaders as […]

The diabolical formula of Duterte in the use of violence and deception

The diabolical fascist formula of Duterte for entrenching himself in power and committing the most atrocious crimes is to use all means of violence, mass intimidation and deception to attack, discredit and disable all actual and potential critics and opposition. While he uses the military, police and special death squads to kill critics, opponents, revolutionaries […]