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Why the Duterte regime cannot destroy the people’s revolutionary movement

It is certain that Duterte and his political agents and armed minions will claim before, during and after his State of the National Address (SONA) in July 2021 that they have already destroyed the revolutionary movement and that they must be rewarded by being allowed to stay in power. They have been harping on the […]

Anti-Communist Campaign of State Terrorism Necessitates Intensified Resistance by the People

  Dear Comrades and Friends, As author of the book Upsurge of People’s Resistance in the Philippines and the World, I wish to welcome all who are participating in this book launch and thank the renowned personages who have agreed to review the book. Having expressed myself so much in the book, I have been […]

Duterte exposes his delusions before the press and his military and bureaucrat sycophants

On a single day on March 18 in Tacloban City, the tyrant Duterte once again exposed his mental derangement, self-contradictions and mendacious character before a fascist assembly of military and bureaucrat sycophants under the auspices of the National Task Force-ELCAC. It is good that the press has recorded and reported the event. Duterte declared that […]

On Duterte’s order to ‘kill them all’ and the consequent Sunday Massacre

The bloodthirsty tyrant Duterte openly gave the illegal order to all his military and police underlings last Friday, March 5 to ignore human rights and to “kill them all”, all persons whom they come across in the battlefield or whom they can tag as “communists” and frame up in fake “nanlaban” situations. This has signalled […]

On the friend-and-foe relationship of Duterte and the legal national democratic forces in 2016-2017

This longish abstract of the paper, “Friends and Foes: Human Rights, the Philippine Left and Duterte, 2016-2017” by Jayson Lamchek and Emerson Sanchez describes accurately and adequately, in general and in the main, the “friend-and-foe” relationship (dual tactics) between Duterte and the legal national democratic forces (BAYAN and the Makabayan Bloc). It is far superior […]

Trotskyitis is a virulent type of psychopathic anti-communism

The Trotskyites are exposing themselves as big liars by calling Stalin, Mao and the Communist Party of the Philippines as instruments of the national bourgeoisie rather than of the working class. Now, they are claiming that the CPP has given up Marxism-Leninism and has embraced Catholicism, its entire history and all its doctrines. Trotskyitis is […]

Duterte is helping the armed revolution by bankrupting his own government

Duterte is helping the armed revolution a lot by aggravating the bankruptcy of his counterrevolutionary government and depleting funds for economic relief and social services through unbridled military overspending. Just to acquire 15 Black Hawk helicopters, he will spend hundreds of millions of US dollars or around 15 billion pesos. The purchase allows Duterte and […]

In his drive to fully realize fascist dictatorship, Duterte fuels militarist ambitions of AFP factions

The following statement of Marco Valbuena, spokesman of the Communist Party of the Philippines is valid and true: “Despite the precept of ‘civilian authority is, at all times, supreme over the military’ being enshrined in the 1987 constitution, the political power of the military generals has grown under the Duterte regime. To establish himself as […]

Duterte’s military officers earn rewards twice: for listing surrenderers and then killing them

Duterte’s AFP military officers order LGU officials, especially at the barangay level, to list down relatives and friends of suspected CPP and NPA personnel under the guise of carrying out “localized peace negotiations.” Those listed are herded by the military and made to appear as surrenderers. The military officers pocket for themselves the reward money […]

Rural development or chicken-feed palliatives?

The concept of development of the military morons and the NTF-ELCAC involves the following:  Taking over functions of civil agencies of the reactionary government and claiming epal or psywar credit for them, like the following: farm to market roads by the Department of Agriculture (DA) and Department of Public Works and Highways — PHP12 million; […]