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Offensives launched by the NPA-Bohol are forewarnings to AFP-PNP

Last November 30, 2019, the New People’s Army – Bohol harassed the Philippine Army Jungle Base Training Camp in Barangay Rizal, Batuan while its installation is underway as a strong forewarning to the fascist military forces. The Red Fighters’ harassment operation reverberates the fervent disapproval of the Boholano people to the foolish plans of the […]

AFP-PNP’s “Insurgency-Free Bohol” declarations are outdated mantras

  The fascist military and police forces became a huge laughing stock and blabber as walking oxymorons in uniforms as they continuously declare the “insurgency-free” status of Bohol despite the armed encounter that transpired between the New People’s Army (NPA) and joint forces of the AFP-PNP late last month. An armed encounter ensued between a […]