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The maddening story of Duterte’s 5th SONA: A criminal, fascist tyrant’s ignominious, babbling tirade — NPA-Southeast Negros

In the middle of his 5th state of the nation address, right after his call for the passage of a law to revive the death penalty for crimes specified under the 2002 Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act in order to solve the ever-worsening problem of criminality in the country, Duterte briefly swayed from his prepared speech […]

Deluge of flagrant acts of rights abuses marked Sta. Catlina FMO — NPA-Southeast Negros

The recently concluded focused military operation (FMO) in the hinterland vilages of Sta. Catalina, Negros Oriental and the adjoining boundary areas of the towns of Sitaon and Valencia precipitated in numerous incidents of human rights violations that include assassination, abducation, raid of civilian houses, manufacturing evidence, threat and coercion, blackmail, forced surrender among others. This […]

The true State of the Nation: 4 tormented years of fascist bloodshed, imperialist subservience bootlicking, and anti-popular neoliberal schemes – NPA Southeast Negros

As early as 2016, when Duterte kicked-off the infamous Philippine Drug War, the Filipino people already had glimpses of and foreshadowed Duterte’s murderous open terrorist dictatorship. Unlike the pseudo-democratic regimes of Aquino the mother, FVR, pare Erap, GMA, and Aquino the son who preferred to camouflage their fascist rule with a thin veil of so-called […]

Cracking down on dissent à la Duterte – NPA Southeast Negros

11th IB troopers round-up Bayawan residents; make threats against joining SONA rally Taking cue from their fascist chieftain Duterte, soldiers from 11th IB this week forcefully summoned and interrogated like a criminal a farmer-leader in Barangay Nangka, Bayawan City, Negros Oriental and then proceeded to gather the members of the local farmers’ association and browbeat […]

Ongoing focused military operation in Sta. Catalina, Negros Oriental terrorize farmers – RMPC-NPA

Starting July 6, 2020, military and police forces from the 11th IB AFP & 705th RMFB launched a focused military operation in the hinterland villages of Sta. Catalina and its boundaries to Siaton and Valencia towns in Negros Oriental. At least two Army companies, 1 PNP mobile force company and two paramilitary geographic companies were […]

RMPC-NPA: ‘Lapulapu” soldiers, militiamen violate social distancing protocol

While the fascistic Duterte regime imposed a stringent implementation of social distancing protocol upon the people ostensibly to curb the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, its military and paramilitary forces in the countryside brazenly violate this. The residents of far flung villages of Siaton and Zamboanguita reported having observed soldiers from 11th “Lapulapu” Infantry Battalion […]

Two martyred Red fighters in Sta. Catalina honored

  “They fought to their last breath for the people’s revolutionary cause. They remained unwavering in the face of immense adversity.” This is how Ka Estrella Banagbanag, Rachelle Mae Palang Command – Southeast Negros Front spokesperson, described the two young red fighters who sacrificed their lives during an NPA action against the notorious paramilitary outfit […]

Lariosa, Franklin patay

Marso 30,2019, 5:00 AM kapin mga 30 ka mga personahi sa mga kapilisan ang nitungha sa Sitio Omol, Brgy. Talalak, Sta. Catalina, Negros Oriental. Basi sa nakuhang datus sa RMPC, pag-abot sa mga kapulisan sa maong lugar, ipalibutan dayong ang pipila ka panimalay ug labi na ka Franklin Lariosa, human nakapalibot na ang kapulisan, nangutana […]

Paramilitary group slay two farmers

Members of a Local Paramilitary Group ” Dios Uno” brutally murdered two farmer’s in an ambush on yesterday morning in sitio Canggabok, BRGY. Nagbinlod, Sta.Catina, Negros Otietal. The victim’s Apollonio Diosana Jr. 44 yrs/old and Temestokles Seit Jr. 28 yrs/old, was abourd in a motorcycle on the way to the town proper to attend a […]

Army uses civilians as human shields

  In a dastardly act of cowardice, elements of 62nd IB conducting hot pursuit operation against the unit of the New People’s Army (NPA) in Southeast Negros that destroyed the equipment of a destructive quarry company Saturday evening resorted to using the residents in the area as protective shields for fear of attack especially at […]