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On Gen. Baluyan’s hackneyed diatribe against revolutionary taxation

The fascist mercenaries of Negros RTF-ELCAC and AFP CentCom have once again stepped up their criminal, anti-people terrorist scheming in a vain attempt to thwart the revolutionary people’s democratic government (PDG) in Negros Oriental in exercising its right and fulfilling its duty of collecting revolutionary taxes. Last September 29, 2020, 302nd Brigade Commander Brig. General […]

Use of airplane metaphor to justify AFP’s fascist orientation and undemocratic practices laughable

The paid hacks of 11th IB were quick to react to the recent RMPC post regarding the thriving democracy inside the NPA and lack thereof in the AFP. They likened the AFP to an airplane and its officers to pilots; and without them the flight will be lost on its course and unable to reach […]

Demokrasya nagalambo sa NPA

Read in: English Aron paghatag rason sa ilang dakong pangwarta nga iskema sa peke nga pagpasurender, ang mga binaryan nga tigpangdaut sa 11th IB karong bag-o naghimo sa kataw-anan nga estorya kabahin sa giingong pagpangyatak sa katungod sa mga pulang manggugubat sa giingong despotiko nga mga kumander sa NPA ug kadre sa Partido. Usa kini […]

Democracy thrives in the NPA

Read in: Bisaya To justify its profitable fake surrender scheme, 11th IB’s paid hacks recently concocted the pathetic storyline about so-called individual rights of Red fighters being trampled by “despotic” NPA commanders and Party cadres causing demoralization and eventual massive surrender. This is a barefaced lie and a desperate act to cover-up their plunder of […]

Army’s gross ignorance on the land mine accord exposed

In a fashion akin to that of Goebbels, Hitler’s chief propagandist, the paid hacks of 11th IB are incessantly repeating the lie in their radio programs that the NPA violated the Ottawa Convention in employing command-detonated explosives in tactical offensives.. No matter how many times this lie is repeated, it will not change the fact […]

Atubangan sa kangitngit sa bag-ong balaud militar sa rehimeng US-Duterte, tibuok-kusog nga isulong ang gubat sa katawhan ngadto sa mas taas nga ang-ang!

Read in: English Karong adlawa gihandum nato ang ika-48 ka tuig nga kasumaran sa pagdeklarar sa pasistang diktaduryang US-Marcos sa Balaud Militar sa tibuok nasud ug ang bantugang pakigbisog sa katawhan sa tanang nataran batok sa maong tiranikong paghari nga mipungkay sa Pag-alasa Sa Edsa nga maoy hingpit nga milumpag sa diktadurya. Nahimong usa ka […]

Amid the darkness of US-Duterte’s new martial law, resolutely advance the people’s war to a higher level!

Today we commemorate the 48th anniversary of the declaration of Martial Law in the country by the fascist US-Marcos dictatorship, as well as, the great struggle of the people in all fields that culminated in the Edsa Uprising that toppled that dictatorship. The slogan “People’s War the Answer to Martial Law!” was popular at gigantic […]

Instead of promotion, Sinas should face trial for Negros mass murders

In a grand insult to the Filipino people, especially the Negrosanon, the PNP Chief declared in a media interview recently that Gen. Debold Sinas is a “good man and deserves a promotion”. Gen. Sinas, now the Metro Manila police chief, was responsible for the gruesome murders of civilians in Negros Oriental during his stint as […]

Stop exploitation of AFP captive Anne Jiesel Castil in military’s psywar

We in NPA-Southeast Negros denounce the 303rd IBPA for manipulating a young and vulnerable Castil. She is being used as an instrument in their psychological warfare and so-called civil-military operations under their deceptive Retooled Community Support Programs.

Starving for tip-off, soldiers disguise as NPAs

Desperate for information regarding the clandestine activities of the NPA and the revolutionary movement, 11th IB troopers resorted to the worn out ploy of disguising themselves as Red fighters. While its main unit were conducting combat operations last August 24-28 in Siaton’s contested landholdings to harass the farmers cultivating it, about 12 soldiers went the […]