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Duterte’s RCSP is militarization

The 54th Infantry Battalion’s encampment in the communities of Mt. Province is militarization, and part of Duterte’s anti-people war of suppression. Like Duterte, the 54th IB intends to fool the people when it says otherwise. War on drugs, anti-terrorism, and now COVID control – Duterte has many names to the same anti-people war built upon […]

The Filipino People Will Never Glorify a Dictator

The CPDF and the entire revolutionary forces in the Cordillera join the entire Filipino people’s cry of indignation over the passing of House Bill 7137, declaring Sept 11, the birthdate of the fascist dictator Marcos a holiday in Ilocos Norte. Through this bill, the regime has only shown its contempt to the struggling peoples and […]

CPDF-Mt. Province on declaring September 11 as Marcos day

Read in: English Kunkundenaren ti umili ti Mt. Province ti anyaman nga addang ti Kongreso a bigbigen ti diktador a ni Ferdinand Marcos kas maysa kanu a bannuar ti pagilian. Idi napalabas, nangidatag dagiti kongresista ti maysa a bill a mangdeklara ti birthday ni Marcos (September 11) kas maysa nga holiday. Awanan kais-iskan ken kontra-umili […]

CPDF-Mt. Province on declaring September 11 as Marcos day

The people of Mt. Province condemn any further attempt of the Congress to deem Ferdinand Marcos a national hero. Recently, legislators passed a bill proclaiming Marcos’s birthday (September 11) as a holiday. The said bill is utterly senseless and anti-people, particularly in the middle of the health and economic crises. Throughout history, it was Marcos […]

Fascist rule further inflames the people’s resistance

Forty-seven years ago, the dictator Ferdinand Marcos imposed Martial Law. During the dark days of his reign of terror and wanton plunder of our resources, the Cordillerans like the rest of the national minorities in the country fell victim to his monstrous crimes against the Filipino people. Now under the equally brazen dictatorial rule of […]

Gun-oden ti hustisya para kenni Jennifer Laude!

Narubduban ti napalalo a pungtot ti umili a Pilipino iti kina-aso-aso ken traydor a panangited ni Duterte iti absolute pardon kenni US Marine Lance Cpl. Joseph Scott Pemberton. Ni Pemberton ket maysa a rapist ken murderer. Ti inaramid na ket nadagsen a krimen a mangidadanes kadagiti LGBT ken krimen kontra iti umili a Pilipino. Nirames […]

Oppose the continuous militarization in Mountain Province amidst the Covid crisis!

In the middle of a nationwide epidemic the US-Duterte regime is desperately focused in crushing the revolutionary movement being led by the CPP-NPA-NDFP in order to strengthen its tyrannical rule. For the past months, troops of the 54th IB have occupied several barangays of Mountain Province in the guise of retooled community service program operations […]

Support our Health Workers! –CPDF-Mt. Province

We are in unity with the urgent call of the nation’s health workers for the government to raise their working benefits, ensure their occupational safety, and protect their welfare. Our beloved frontliners are already suffering too much in waging the right against the Covid crisis, yet the government did not show any care for them. […]

On Duterte’s “revolutionary government”

“The genuine revolutionary government is the people’s democratic government being established in the countryside by the basic masses and implementing programs such as agrarian reform, basic social services and rural economic development.” We highly condemn any scheme of the Duterte regime to declare a “revolutionary government” in order to push for charter change and extend […]

Terorismo ti Estado, saan a Covid, ti kangrunaan a mangpatay iti umili

Iti tengnga ti panagsaknap dagiti kaso ti Covid ken pannakaisubli ti lockdown iti adu a paset ti pagilian, rumungrungsot ti rehimen US-Duterte ken ti armado a puersa na. Kas ti nailanad iti naglabas a State of the Nation Address (SONA), pilpilien ni Rodrigo Duterte nga ikkan ti panawen, pigsa, ken kuarta ti panangpalawa iti turay […]