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Pagmasaker sang Tapaz 9 kag madamuan nga pagpang-aresto: Dinemonyo nga Pangbukas sang Bag-ong Tuig sang NTF-ELCAC bilang Terorista nga Berdugo sa Panay

Read in: English Ang NDF-Panay kag iya mga kaalyado nga organisasyon ang nagapaabot sang hugot sa tagipusuon nga hakos kag pakig-unong sa mga asawa, kabataan, himata kag kaabyanan sang mga martir sa brutal nga pangmasaker sang mga pasista nga sumulunod sang diktador nga si Duterte. Si Duterte kag ang iya junta militar nga NTF-ELCAC ang […]

Tapaz 9 Massacre and massive arrests: Demonic New Year Salvo of NTF-ELCAC as Terrorist Butcher in Panay

Read in: Hiligaynon NDF-Panay and its allied organizations reach out our hearts to and embrace the wives, children, relatives and friends of the martyrs of the brutal massacre perpetuated by the dictator Duterte’s fascist minions. Duterte and his junta militar NTF-ELCAC did not let the year 2020 go without again soaking their foul-smelling hands into […]

Fight Duterte terrorism to realize genuine human rights

Read in: Hiligaynon Today, December 10, known globally as international human rights day, should be a cause for celebration by billions of people world-wide. This signifies a victory of the vast underprivileged and marginalized peoples to be seen, heard and respected. Sadly and ironically, this is not so because the majority of nations, states and […]

Batuan ang terorismo ni Duterte para maagum ang matuod nga tawhanon nga kanimatarung

Read in: English Daku nga rason nga dapat saulogon sang binilyon nga pumuluyo ang subong nga adlaw, Disyembre 10, adlaw sang pangkalibutanon nga tawhanon nga kinamatarung sa bug-os nga kalibutan. Nagapakita ini sang kadalag-an sang malapad nga imol kag pigos nga pumuluyo para makita, mabatian kag respetuhon. Ang masubo kag kabaliskad sini nga nagakatabo nga […]

Jeffrey Celiz: Butigon kag peke

Read in: English Matapos ang magahod nga ngasal, binutig, tinikal kag pahambog ni Jeffrey Celiz sa media asta sa Senado bilang ‘ace whistle-blower’ kag ‘key witness’ ni Parlade, sungaw man lang gali ang pito ni Celiz. Ano ang bag-o nga nabuksan sang yabi nga testigo ni Parlade, ano nga bag-o nga nota ang nabatian sang […]

Jeffrey Celiz: Liar and Fraud

Read in: Hiligaynon The whistle went pfft. After his boisterous blabber and lies, boasting and bragging to media up to the Senate as Parlade’s ‘ace whistle-blower’ and ‘key witness’, Jeffrey Celiz’ whistle was all hot air. What new evidence was opened by the ‘key’ witness, what new note was heard by the public from his […]

NDF-Panay on granting “absolute pardon” to Pemberton

The distasteful absolute pardon afforded to Scott Pemberton further exposes Duterte as an Am-Boy who is subservient to US imperialism. Duterte should be ashamed of his accommodations to Pemberton. The rapist-murderer already enjoyed huge privileges in a “special military jail” because he was not detained in a Philippine correctional facility. The callous Duterte can pardon […]

For Randall Echanis and Zara Alvarez

It is hard to describe how enraging the killing of peace consultant Randall Echanis is. Few days after his murder, a social activist in Negros, Zara Alvarez was also killed. It is clear that Duterte’s military and police are the masterminds behind the killings of social activists and peace consultants. Who else would it be? […]

On Philhealth corruption fiasco

Indeed, Duterte and his cronies have tested positive- positive for corruption! ₱15 billion were lost alone in the Philippine Health Insurance Corp. (PhilHealth). In a Senate inquiry, as much as ₱154 billion were reported to be corrupted by its officials. The P15 billion could have been spent to buy 1,250,000 computers worth ₱12,500.00 for high […]

On ceaseless military operations in Central Panay

The 12th infantry battalion is sowing terror in communities of Janiuay, Iloilo in Central Panay with their ceaseless military operations that started last August 5. According to a report from the NPA-Jose Percival Estocada Jr. Command, the criminals have carried out rights violations in communities. The criminal battalion have detained, interrogated, and forced two farmers […]