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Anti-terror law is anti-people! — CNL-Negros

Rodrigo Duterte just signed into law, the criminalization of his own regime! The Anti-Terror Law (Republic Act No. 11479 or the Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020), is in itself sanctioning State Terrorism. In the last four years, this regime flooded our country with the blood of injustice—killings in the name of drug war and war on […]

CNL-Negros: Anti-terrorism bill is anti-Filipino!

The recycled Anti-Terrorism Bill approved by the Duterte-puppet occupied House of Representatives is an enhanced program of giving unlimited power to the despotic Rodrigo Duterte and the AFP-PNP killing machine, criminalizing anyone who is (and will be) critical to the regime. So the People may know, the core and purpose of this ANTI-TERROR bill are […]

Protect Fr. Raymond Ambray, Denounce Duterte’s Barbarity — CNL-Negros

The Duterte Government continues to employ the barbarity of the state forces to address the pandemic; manifested by the killings of ordinary citizens and activists during the crisis, continued harassment on far-flung communities; the unfounded accusations of NPA attacks, the red-tagging on legal pro-people organizations, the criminal pricing of rebel leaders and just recently the […]

Solidarity with workers and Call for Justice for Jory — CNL-Negros

May 1 is an occasion to advance the struggle of the toiling workers, that as we celebrate the 2020 Day of Workers during a global pandemic of COVID-19, we also remember the hard situation of our workers disenfranchised by this current crisis resulting from lockdown. All of our workers have no work, many companies are […]

Resist the Military Troops in Negros Island

We resist the deployment of troops from the 14th Civil Military Operations in Negros Island for the implementation of EO 70 last February 27, 2020, a violence-tainted Executive Order issued by the Office of the President. The said deployment is to augment the existing soldiers of the 303 Infantry Brigade of the Armed Forces of […]