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On this International Labor Day, let us broaden our unity and resolve to advance the national liberation of the Filipino people from foreign and domestic exploiters and oppressors

Let us contemplate this May 1, the International Labor Day, on how the Filipino toiling masses have been deprived and continue to be depressed in endless sufferings and miseries because of the totalitarianism by the anti-labor and anti-poor U.S. Duterte Regime (USDR). For already half a decade now since the 2016 national elections, this tyrant […]

Tyrant Duterte’s war on drugs, the NTF-ELCAC, the IATF and the ATL enflame the Filipino masses to join the NPA and advance the people’s war for national liberation and democracy!

Download statement: PDF On this 52nd anniversary of the New People’s Army (NPA), let us give the highest greetings to the NPA operational commands, the Red commanders, the Red fighters and the People’s Militia. For over the past five decades, they have valiantly self-sacrificed and served the Filipino people well by pressing forward the national-democratic […]

Stop bombing national minority territories in the Cordillera, end the NTF-ELCAC, and use the people’s money for the free inoculation of the Filipino people

For some days now, tyrant Duterte has continued “entreating the CPP-NPA not to disrupt the distribution of vaccines to farflung areas”, airing this out nationally through broadcast and social media. This is just another dirty and slanderous propaganda of autocrat Duterte to deflect the call of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) to “the […]

Why and how did Filipino Christians and Marxists start to complement one another in advancing and continuing revolution in Philippine Society

This year is the commemoration of the 500 years of Christianity since its entry through Spanish colonialism and the Roman Catholic Church into the Philippines on March 1521. As we commemorate the 500 years of Christianity in our country, we shall be celebrating on February 17 the 49″ anniversary of the Christians for National Liberation […]

Labanan ken Lappedan ti Anti-Terrorism Act 2020, ti Terorismo ti Estado a Kontra Umili

“Asikayo pay, dakayo nga agaramid ti linteg a mangparigat kadagiti tattaok. Kasta ti pamuspusanyo tapno saan a magun-od dagiti napanglaw ti kalinteganda ket dida matunton ti hustisya.” Isaias 10:1-2 Ti anag ti Anti-Terror Law (ATL) Republic Act No. 11479 wenno Anti-Terrorism Act 2020, ket terrorismo ti estado iti narruay nga umili. Daytoy ket kontra umili, […]

ECQ or Lockdown is a Fascist Instrument of Duterte’s Martial Law!

The Father Nilo Valerio Unit (FNVU), the Christians for National Liberation here in Northern Luzon (CNL-NL), vehemently denounces the AFP-PNP offensive operations that ensued to an armed encounter between a unit of the Alfredo Cesar Command (ACC), NPA-Ilocos Sur, and elements of the fascist 81st IB in Patiacan, Quirino, Ilocos Sur last April 21, 2020. […]

ELCAC, Tyrant Duterte’s pipe dream, will surely fail! — CNL-Northern Luzon

On today’s event of the 51st NPA Anniversary, we, Christians for National Liberation (CNL) here in Northern Luzon, render this open statement as our means to congratulate heartily and salute to the utmost extent all the revolutionary commanders and Red Fighters of the people’s revolutionary army! Like other counter-insurgency operation plans by past fascist regimes, […]

The killing of unarmed revolutionaries is a war crime!

The Father Nilo Valerio Unit (FNVU), the epithet of the Christians for National Liberation in Northern Luzon (CNL-NL), vehemently deplores the ruthless murder of Comrades Julius Soriano Giron, Dr. Ma Lourdes Denero Tangco, and Arvie Alarcon Reyes. Such cold-blooded carnage by Philippine state security forces is a clear violation of the articles of war and […]

Pastoral letter and report to the LGUs and agencies–CNL-Northern Luzon

Be wary of Pres. Duterte and the fascist AFP-PNP Commanders! They are, in fact, wolves in sheep’s clothing! Our Lord Jesus Christ condemned the rulers and pharisees of his time as false prophets. He categorically told his apostles and disciples, “Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are […]

Justice for Judge Bañez and all victims of human rights violations! Unite and end the tyrant US-Duterte regime, the Filipino people’s slaughterer!

Gunmen, riding in tandem, killed the Honorable Judge Mario Anacleto Marrero Bañez on Nov. 5, 2019 at 5:40 PM on his way home in San Fernando City, La Union. Today is Honorable Judge Bañez’s interment rites. No others but killer Duterte’s death squads and his protectors of big drug syndicates had done such a treacherous […]