Scheme to delay the Marcos Jr. disqualification case

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The Commission on Elections (Comelec) officially disclosed the opinion of Commissioner Commissioner Rowena Guanzon on January 30 on the disqualification case against Ferdinand “Bongbong” Marcos Jr. Guanzon favored the petition to prohibit the son of the former dictator to run for office as it has been proven that he was convicted by a Quezon City court for tax evasion.

According her written decision, Marcos Jr. “repeatedly violated” the law, which manifests moral turpitude which is a basis for a lifetime disqualification to run for public office. Guanzon accused her fellow commissioner Aimee Ferolino of delaying the decision to disregard Guanzon’s position. Guanzon retired as Comelec commissioner on February 3 without the Comelec issuing a final decision. On February 2, democratic groups rallied in front of the Comelec office to support Guanzon and urge the agency to nullify the candidacy of Marcos Jr.

Scheme to delay the Marcos Jr. disqualification case