NDF-EV to launch information drive on Covid-19 vaccine

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February 11, 2021
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In solidarity with the people’s efforts to beat Covid-19 and the call for free and safe vaccines, the National Democratic Front in Eastern Visayas said in a statement last February 6 that it will launch an information drive in the region. The NDF-EV believes it is in the interest of the people that the spread of the disease be controlled by vaccinating as many of the informed public.

Along with this, the people of Eastern Visayas condemn the Duterte regime’s slow, anomalous and corruption-ridden procurement of vaccines.

Duterte has no intentions to conduct mass vaccination, he only seeks to profit from whatever negotiations made between pharmaceutical companies and private businesses and local government units. The government also plans to go on another borrowing-binge using vaccine acquisition as an excuse.

The NDF-EV also questioned Duterte’s meager allocation for vaccine acquisition while alloting P19 billion for NTF-ELCAC, P58 billion for AFP modernization and P8.3 billion for presidential intelligence funds. The group also noted the regime’s lack of funds for mass vaccination and mass testing yet it can acquire more fighter jets, attack helicpters, drones, tanks, bombs and other military equipments.

PRWC News Story: NDF-EV to launch information drive on Covid-19 vaccine