Ang Bayan
October 07, 2020

Justice served for Lianga massacre

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Hawudon Jumar Bucales and two other elements of the Magahat-Bagani paramilitary force were killed in a firefight with the New People’s Army-Surigao del Sur last October 4. Red fighters ambushed Bucales at Sit­io Mam­sap­ra­non, Ba­ra­ngay Ba­na­hao in Lia­nga, Su­ri­gao del Sur. Bucales masterminded the massacre of ALCADEV executive director Eme­ri­to Sa­marca and Lu­mad leaders Da­tu Bel­lo Sinzo and Dio­nel Cam­pos on September 1, 2015.

Justice, which Lumads of Lianga have been denied of for over five years, has finally been served. After the massacre in 2015, the Armed Forces of the Phi­lip­pi­nes rewarded Buca­les with cash, livelihood and power. They had him appointed as the mandatory representative of Lumads and as member of the the provincial tribal council. His paramilitary group is funded and directly operated by the 3rd IB. The group was involved in the combat operations and fake surrender campaign in Lianga over the past months.

A cadreman was also killed in an NPA ambush against a CAFGU detachment in Ba­ra­ngay Pak­wan, La­nuza on October 3. A .45 caliber pis­to­l was seized from him.

AB (2020-10-07): Justice served for Lianga massacre