Ang Bayan
June 21, 2020

Protests in Chi­le, Le­ba­non and Hong Kong

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THOUSANDS OF CHILEANS trooped to San­tia­go, the national capital of Chile, on Ma­y 18 to express their anger and expose the hunger and poverty they are suffering due to the lockdown and the onslaught of the Covid-19 crisis. They condemned the surge in the prices of food and water in the country due to the lockdown arbitrarily imposed by the state.

Successive protests were also mounted by several thousands in Bei­rut, the national capital of Lebanon since June 11. They condemned the economic downturn in the country and the currency devaluation of more than 70%. More than a third of Lebanon’s are jobless, and the pandemic has further aggravated their plight.

Meanwhile, thousands of Hong Kong citizens marched on the streets on Ma­y 24 and 27 to oppose the resolution issued by the Na­tio­nal Peop­le’s Cong­ress of Chi­na which implemented a mechanism to “preserve” the national security of Hong Kong. Protesters were dispersed with tear gas and rubber bullets. China made it appear that the said resolution only aims to combat threats of separatism, subversion, terrorism, and foreign interference in Hong Kong. In truth, the resolution actually seeks to suppress the citizens’ struggle for autonomy.

AB (2020-06-21): Protests in Chi­le, Le­ba­non and Hong Kong