AFP is on ceasefire violation streak, attacks NPA conducting Covid-19 info drive in Iloilo

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April 09, 2020

The Armed Forces of the Philippines is on a ceasefire violation streak after attacking members of the New People’s Army in Iloilo. This is the nth time that government troops attacked the NPA despite a GRP unilateral ceasefire declaration issued last March 19.

Troopers of the 301st Brigade fired at a unit of the NPA-Central Panay (Jose Percival Estocada, Jr. Command) in the early hours of April 7 at Sitio Agilan, Barangay Panuran, Lambunao. The 301st Brigade is led by Col. Marion Sison.

The NPA and its medical officers were conducting an information drive in the said area. “[We] were distributing flyers about Covid-19, explaining the disease to the villagers and how to prevent contracting it,” NPA-Central Panay said in a statement.

Forced to defend themselves and the villagers, the NPA fired countershots and safely withdrew from the incident. According to reports, one soldier died and some others were wounded.

“While [we] strictly cease launching tactical offensives in accordance with the ceasefire declared by the CPP, we are prepared to defend against AFP and PNP attacks,” added NPA-Central Panay.

According to the Red fighters, they were discussing problems posed by the military lockdown and possible collective production in anticipation of the widespread effect of the health crisis.

“Our units will continue efforts to help the people against Covid-19, whatever the 301st Brigade does,” ended NPA-Central Panay.