Ang Bayan
April 07, 2020

Hog raisers incur huge losses due to ASF

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FILIPINO HOG RAISERS whose ASF-infected pigs were culled complained that the financial assistance given them by the Department of Agriculture is too low. The DA only gives the farmers P3000-P5000 per pig killed while hog prices are pegged at P9000 per head. There are approximately 13 million domestic hogs in the Phillipines, 40% of which are raised by poor farmers in their backyards.

Since the outbreak of ASF in the Philippines in August 2019, around 251,450 hogs died or have been culled to prevent the spread of the disease. The most affected provinces are ­­­­Bu­lacan, Nueva Ecija, Quezon, Ba­ta­ngas, Rizal, Cavi­te. Au­ro­ra, Be­ngu­et, North Co­ta­ba­to, Davao City, and Davao Occi­den­tal and Sur.

In 2019 alone, hog raisers lost about P1 billion in income due to the pandemic. Hog raisers in Davao Occi­den­tal and Davao City are expected lose P80 million more this year.

AB (2020-04-07): Hog raisers incur huge losses due to ASF