71st IB arrests Lumads hunting for food

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April 03, 2020

The families of at least 11 Lumad peasants reported them missing since they were illegally arrested by troopers of the 71st IB in Sitio Manggapaluway in Pantukan last March 30.

The said peasants werre on their way home from hunting wild boar in the forests. One of the Lumads was accompanied by his two children. The families are desperately trying to locate them as the 71st IB refuse to divulge their location.

Residents reported that the following were arrested and remain missing: Ondo Malasado with his two children, Edwin Gokong, Danny Boy Gokong, Sonny Patok, Ricky Pungas, Ramon Morales, Panfilo Malasado, Artemio Tolentino, Mark Neil Gonzales, Lando Rumo and Talmer Duwang.

Hunting is a common source of food of Lumad peasants to supplement their meager agricultural harvest.