Despite public clamor, peace talks resumption under Duterte is doubtful

The NDFP, together with its allied revolutionary forces, including the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) and the New People’s Army (NPA) maintain the policy of keeping its doors always open to peace negotiations. The NDFP is ever heedful of the clamor of various sectors for the resumption of peace negotiations amid Duterte’s all-out war.

However, the CPP and the NDFP is keenly aware that the prevailing political environment under the Duterte regime is not conducive to resuming peace negotiations. Peace talks cannot be resumed as long as Duterte’s 2017 proclamation terminating peace negotiations remains in place. The situation is made worse by widespread killings by Duterte’s agents in Negros and across the country, continuing incarceration of leading NDFP consultants as well as the recent arrest and detention of two members of the NDFP peace staff.

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