To the Filipino workers: Rise up in collective rage against Duterte

As the political party of the Filipino working class, the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) calls on all Filipino workers to rise up in collective rage against the display of big capitalist bias in vetoing the so-called “Security of Tenure” bill, however diluted it was in terms of its promise to put an end to labor contractualization.

The practice of labor contractualization remains one of the biggest oppressive practice of the big capitalists against Filipino workers which create conditions of extreme exploitation. With labor contractualization, big capitalists extract the biggest profit from labor by denying them minimum wages, as well as other economic benefits that accrue to regular workers. Furthermore, contractualization has served as a weapon of the big capitalists against workers unions.

Duterte has repeatedly proved himself an enemy of Filipino workers. He has been bullheaded in opposing the demand of workers for wage increases. He has imposed onerous taxes which have increased the burden on working class families. His neoliberal economic policies have resulted drastic reduction in job creation and widespread unemployment. He has used military and police forces to break up strikes, attack workers unions and threaten organizers.

By oppressing the workers, the Duterte regime is demonstrating in no uncertain terms, the need for the Filipino people to struggle to end his anti-worker regime.

The CPP urges workers to strengthen and expand their unions and organizations in order to enable them to more effectively fight Duterte and end his anti-worker regime. The CPP further calls on all workers to join the national democratic revolution with the aim of establishing a people’s democratic government only under the interests of the toiling masses will be genuinely promoted.