Ang Bayan
July 07, 2019

US imposes sanctions against Venezuela & Iran

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IN ITS LATEST attempt to suppress its rival countries, the US imperialist government once again imposed sanctions against Venezuela and Iran.

On June 28, the US government freezed all of Nicolas “Nicolasito” Maduro Guerra’s assets and barred all American firms and citizens from doing business with him. This measure was carried out after the failed US-backed coup attempt of the opposition against Maduro last January-February. Nicolasito is President Nicolas Maduro’s son.

Earlier, on June 25, the US also freezed all US assets of Ayatollah Ali Khomenei, Iran’s supreme leader, and of Mohammad Javad Zarif, head of Iran’s Foreign Ministry. Iran vehemently condemned this supressive measure of the US.

AB (2019-07-07): US imposes sanctions against Venezuela & Iran