Duterte is persona non grata to the Filipino people

Rodrigo Duterte, consummate reactionary, chief drug protector and overlord of drug syndicates, number one terrorist butcher and fascist murderer, national traitor, US lackey and sell-out to China, friend of the oligarchs and foreign capitalists, model and patron saint of corrupt big bureaucrats, and scourge and enemy of workers, peasants and ordinary people, is persona non grata to the Filipino people.

Because of Duterte’s innumerable crimes and gross abuse of power, the broad masses of workers and peasants, together with the middle-class sectors, as well as decent-minded elite personages and groups, demand his removal from MalacaƱang, through parliamentary impeachment or by exercising their extra-parliamentary power in the streets to kick him out or force him to resign. They encourage big business as well as elements and officers of the military and police who are embarrassed for having Duterte as their chief, to withdraw support for his criminal regime, and side with the people. For all the international negative flak Duterte generates, Xi Jinping and Donald Trump or their wiser advisers, would sooner or later drop Duterte like a hot potato.